A Writer’s Rant

This post has nothing to do with Poldark or Outlander or any other program. It is about me. Long story short I wrote a novel. And I had fun doing it. People who read it said, “Oh you should publish it. I love it, it’s so good.” Well gosh, that’s quite an ego booster, huh?  So I thought “Why not?” So I started researching self-publishing sites, even asked questions in my FB writers groups what sites would be the best? Creatspace and Lulu always came up. Great.  Just to mention, there are pros and cons to both of these sites and many others that I researched that it got kind of confusing.

I didn’t write this book to make money or have fame, I wrote it for self gratification because I wanted to share my story with the public. I’m not a trained writer with an English degree just a person who enjoys putting my thoughts down on paper. Or in my case typing it on Microsoft word. I had a ball because though my sentences  may not have been in proper manuscript form they were my words, my style. If I had handed it over to an English teacher to read would I have gotten and A+ or a great big red F? Who knows? I found I had a tendency to take the meaning “Show” in “Show don’t Tell” a little too far. So what. To me writing is like painting a picture with words and I didn’t want my canvas to look dull. For example the word ‘book’. What kind of book? A red book. Where was it? On a shelf. On and on and on until I got: ‘After searching for an hour at the public library for the book of poetry by John Keats, the one bound in red leather and gold filigree edging, I found it on the top shelf that was so high I had to stand on my tip-toes to reach it and when I took it down I began quickly flipping through the pages to find my favorite prose.’ So, I tell you, what paints a better picture, that or just plain I saw a book on a shelf?

Well naive me didn’t know just how complicated publishing a book can be. I was ready to self-publish my work but deep down I knew I should get an editor first. I did and I must admit I was glad I did. Not that I agreed with somethings she had edited but she did make the story flow better. I also discovered how fortunate I am. Some writers can’t afford an editor for their finished work, manuscripts that might be best sellers.  Editing can really take a blow to your ego. You think your chapters are terrific and your writing sooo good then when you get the pages back they’re covered in cranberry juice.  You, Want, To, Cry!  You never thought your work could have so many errors. But it looked and sounded good to me!  Your ego starts to deflate. God, I didn’t know I was that shitty a writer? No, you just haven’t mastered the skill yet. Maybe I never will.

Lord help me when it comes to sentence structuring. Especially when it comes to dialogue.  My editor and I disagree on this item. For example my editor thinks it should look like this:

She stared into space and let out a heavy sigh,

“If only I could be in the locker room with them.”

I say that’s incorrect. You should never end a sentence with a comma. I think it should look like this:

She stared into space and let out a heavy sigh, “If only I could be in the locker room with them.”

Which might not be correct either. Maybe this is better:

She stared into space. “If only I could be in the locker room with them,” she sighed.

See? I argue that I’ve never seen dialogue written, in any books I’ve ever read the way she suggested and I’m an avid reader. However I am told by my editor there are millions of books where the dialogue is written in that form. Well, if that’s so there’s a million books out there I haven’t read! Don’t get me wrong, I love my editor. She’s very nice, knowledgable and precise. She tells me not to get the wrong idea or discourage that I am a good writer. I do agree with most of her changes, it’s just that damn dialogue we butt heads on.

She told me once I should get a literary agent. Really? Wow! So I researched agents who will represent my genre, Fantasy. I’m not picky but I was looking primarily for those in my particular state. Why? Because I’m old fashioned. I would like to meet this particular person face-to-face, talk to them in person not simply over the phone or communicate by email. Besides traveling is expensive. I did find some in my state of California and I thought that was excellent! Unfortunately the more I read about these agents and got so enthused I found out something  at the bottom of their infos that was not so excellent. I saw that they will not be taking new submissions or handling new authors. WTF? Isn’t that what I am and what I have? A newbie writer with a new submission? Kinda makes you want to pull your hair out. If they are accepting new submissions the thing is you can not send to more than one agent at a time. And they take so long to reply. If they reject your work you can try the next until finally, one says “great work, I like it, I’ll represent you.” But that can take years! Same with the traditional publishing houses. Some of them won’t consider seeing your manuscript without an agent and if you don’t have one you’re screwed.

So whats so great about traditional publishing anyway?  Well, you have the prestige of boasting a big publishing house wants to invest in your story even though they have no idea whether it’ll be a best seller or not, and you’re eligible for all those big literary awards. And that’s what it is, an investment. They pay you the big bucks for you story. In essence it’s their’s now.  Sure,  you retain the copyright. They take control of everything, the marketing, the promotion which I admit is a coo.  But it also includes how the printing looks and the cover design. You have no say in the end result.It may look crappy and not at all what you imagined but hey,  that’s what they wanted and that’s all that matters.  It’s such a slow process until your book printed, too,  and royalty rates are low. A Facebook friend of mine had a story published. It was a good story, too that started out as FF. The cover she designed for the book was awesome. I was so excited to get a printed copy. But the published book I received did not have the cover  she had designed for it. The printing was weird, too. It was so small that I had a hard time reading it. They had even deleted part of the story. I asked her why she didn’t mention this to them. She told me she hadn’t those privileges. Now this may appeal to some writers especially those that say they’re writing so they can be rich and famous (which is not a guarantee). Then I say, baby, you’re writing for the wrong reason.

What the big thing about self-publishing? Two words: Creative control. Here is where you do have a say in the appearance of the book. Cover to cover, inside and out. Getting your book to market is faster, too. And royalties are high!  If you want you can sell internationally. If your book sells really well, who knows, agents and publishers will come crawling to you. Really? Well, why would you want to go with them now and give up this blessed controlling freedom? Are there downs about self-publishing? Of course! The self in self-publishing means everything’s up to you. You are responsible not only for the creative side of the coin, the marketing and promotion, the budget, etc. fall on your shoulders, too. No matter what these self-publishing sites say, nothing stays free for long.  Another thing: It’s more difficult to get the printed material onto the bookstore shelves. Oh, no! Really? Yeah, bookstores are pretty selective where it comes to self-publishing. What about prestige and prizes? Well, not like you’d get if you are with a big publishing house. Indie publishing has come a long way, though. It’s garnered lots of respect and there are loads of prizes and awards for indie authors.

In the long run the choice is up to you the writer. Wait, I’m forgetting about the Hybrid publishers, a cross between traditional publishing and self-publishing. They are selective in what they will publish, They will do the distributing and marketing while you retain creative control. Promotion is still solely up to you though but they are there to give you advice to lessen the burden. Yes there are fees to cover the publishing costs but these publishers will work with you, not just take the money and say to hell with you like those dreadful vanity pubs who are not selective in what they publish and will publish anything for a price and in the long run the quality is poor. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Many literary agents are becoming Hybrid publishers. Sweet!

Okay, back to me. At some points I got so depressed, disgusted, discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned that I wanted to say “Fuck this shit! I don’t care if this stuff gets printed or not! It’s too complicated and confusing that my head hurts and I just can’t handle the pressure. Ten to one I’m getting an ulcer.” Then I come back to my senses and confess that I do care, I want people to read my book that my editor told me is so long that it needs to be a trilogy. That’s what happens when you enjoy writing like I do. You become oblivious to the paper size you’re writing on or the chapter length or using the proper font. You just write.

I do hope that when (if) my book is finally published that the public will enjoy my hard work. All author do, don’t they? I have been told by published authors to grow a thick skin, ignore the rotten 1 or 2 star reviews which will be really difficult because you really want people to like you work! Bask in the positive 3, 4, 5 and higher star reviews. This will be much easier to take, right?

So I think I’m finished now venting my spleen. Thanks.

I’m safe knowing that I could vent all I wanted and not be heard since no one reads my blog. Toodles.



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Outlander is Back…and Gone Again


From Scotland to America,this season has taken us on a rocky ride. It’s been a marvelous season, too. I loved it and the finale was spectacular.  I loved the acting from all the cast, especially the children. Could your heart not help but break for poor Willie, feel the pain of young Fergus,the pity for little Joanie, weep tears of sadness for Elias and thank the Lord for the innocence of young Brianna? Young Ian, he was such a troublemaker. But we loved it! The season covered many delicate subjects, too. Adultery, discrimination, blackmail, bigamy, slavery, and done very tastefully, too. We’ve seen so much, births, deaths, graduations, weddings, the thrill of discovery, the journey to new lands. We’ve felt countless emotions. We’ve hated, despised, agonized, loved, laughed, felt the deepest despair and the highest relief . Seen old faces again and met new. And who would have ever guessed there’d be another place like Craig na Dun? Are there others?  My favorite character was, of course, Lord John. Could he be any more authoritative? What a sexy side of him. I absolutely enjoyed this season. The ups and downs, the controversiality, I’m going to miss it. So gotta get the DVD for my collection. Here goes my recap.

Episode 313

The Eye of the Storm

I was dead. Everything around me was a blinding white and there was a soft rushing noise like the wings of angels. I felt peaceful and bodiless, free from terror, free from rage, filled with quiet happiness.– Claire’s feelings while sinking to bottom of the sea.


A morose way to start an episode, but what an attention-getter. We begin with Claire in a carriage on her way to Rose Hall in an effort to find Young Ian. The carriage stopped suddenly to let a procession of  black people walk pass. They’re humming and look like they’re in a trance, like zombies carrying torches. Are they the free slaves, or the fabled maroons? Whatever, it’s a nuisance because she’s in a hurry!


Back at the hotel room where they were all suppose to meet, Fergus and Marsali see Claire’s yellow Paris evening gown laying on the bed with a note on top. Yeah of course she changed clothes. Who wants to go tromping across Jamaica wearing her best clothes? The note says that Jamie’s been captured by Leonard and his men. They need help. Fergus knows exactly who to go to.

Claire is searching around the dilapidated buildings where I assume the slaves live, on the grounds of Rose Hall, softly calling out Ian’s name in hope’s he’ll hear. She comes upon a scruffy dog nosing a pile of hay that turns out to be the corpse of a young man.  Claire is shocked but even more shocked when she is grab from behind by a slave and taken away.

Young Ian cannot seem to get along with Geillis. She’s convinced his uncle took ‘her’ treasure for a different reason than to pay a debt like Ian keeps insisting. He just can’t seem to tell her what she wants to hear. In a rage, Ian blurts, “I’m tired of you’re bletherin’. So leave me be or get on with it, you bitch.” She’s had enough. A servant comes and whispers in Geillis’ ear. While one slave takes Ian away another, named Hercules, brings Claire in. Why is she there? Well the excuse Claire gives is because she got lost and she needed Geillis’ help because Jamie’s been arrested. Well despite the late hour Claire is always welcome in her house. After all, she is a friend in need.


Meanwhile, as proud-as-a-peacock Captain Leonard and his men are walking Jamie through town on their way to turn him in. Oh, boy, this might mean a big promotion for Leonard for turning in a wanted criminal like Jamie Fraser. His hopes are  not to be when soldiers stop them to take custody of the prisoner.  Leonard is outraged. He asks “On whose authority?”  Well, Lenny, you’re about to find out!


Why it’s Governor Grey, that’s who. Jamie’s in his custody now which really pisses Leonard off. But hey, he can’t produce a warrant or an affidavit to prove Jamie of his crimes. He needs one before he disposes Jamie of his freedom.  He doesn’t get Jamie back either since he was arrested on land and not sea and Leonard, who isn’t a Captain at all but a lieutenant,his authority end at the waters edge and that’s where his Governorship’s begins.  What a pile of crow Leonard has to eat and it just gets worse. Lord John goes on to chastise ‘Captain’ Leonard on his so-called Naval rank. “I’m afraid the Army takes a more traditional stance in these matters preferring to grant a title of command only when it’s been earned.” So Jamie is his now and the “LEFT- ten-ant” needs to get the hell out of Lord John’s office with his tail between his legs.  Jamie- “I owe you my life again.” John- “Seems like we’ve been indebted to each other so many times, I lost count.”  This was by far my favorite scene.

Claire and Geillis sit down and have a chat. Geillis is sure Claire has come for the sapphires, that she knows about the prophecy and is trying to stop it, that it was she who poisoned Colum’s mind about Dougal and the uprising blah, blah, blah. Claire has no idea what Geillis is talking about. She also accuses that Claire, for the last 20 years has been plotting against her to get a Scot on the throne and a free Scotland and, that she’s been lying  to her ever since they met. “I sacrificed all for you and still you come into my home and lie to me.” Claire has had enough of this raving maniac. She tries to leave but Geillis stops her. Claire assures her for the last 20 years she been back in her own time of 1948. Geillis clearly doesn’t believe her because she knows she’d never leave Jamie. Then Claire drops the bombshell that she was pregnant and had to for the safety of the child. The child is grown now so just a month ago, she came back for Jamie. Geillis thinks that’s a load of BS. Also to travel through the stones three times without dying is too remarkable to be truth. Until Claire shows her proof: the pictures of Brianna, some with Claire in them. Geillis has even met Bree before at the university in Inverness in i968. Geillis remembers her now. Claire tells her she and Bree were even at Craig na Dun the night Geillis went through the stones. Yes, that was Claire that tried to warn you about the witch trials. This means she saw her husband,Greg Edgers or what remained of her charred sacrifice. Claire tells her she never needed a sacrifice when she went trough the stones and she has no bloody idea how she managed without one, but she did. Geillis is now satisfied Claire is telling the truth. Hmm, a 200 year old baby? Geillis slips one of Bree’s pictures into her robe and hands the rest back to Claire. The prophecy makes sense now. Time to put it to work.

Now that everything is hunky-dory, since it’s late, Geillis offers Claire the use of her guest room. Thing is, she’s locked in. There’s no way to help her nephew when she sees him being carried away from out the window. It won’t open and neither will the door. Shit! Then she hears a noise from the other side. Claire picks up a candlestick for protection from the intruder. She swings and damn near hit Jamie in the head. (This reminds me of season 1’s episode ‘The Rent’ when Claire almost hit Jamie in the head at the inn.) Claire is pleasantly shocked to see Jamie. She thought he’d be sitting in a cell somewhere. He explains he would have been if not for Lord John Grey. He owes him his life yet again.

So now that Claire is free she and Jamie follow the beating of drums. The sound is intoxicating. Claire and Jamie hide in the bushes and watch the tribal dance. The movement kind of reminds her of the druid dance back in Scotland. Oops! They are discovered in the bushes. Just as they were about to be put before the tribe hopefully not as part of a sacrifice, out of nowhere, Mr. Willoughby appears. The dancers fall silent.  He assures the tribal members that all is cool the two intruders are with him. Claire and Jamie are dumbfounded. How is it these big brawl fellows are listening to this short, skinny Chinese man. Well, it’s because he’s part of their temple now. Oh. Okay.

Not only is Willoughby there but he has Margaret Campbell with him. Turns out the two of them are in love. Aww. “She’s the first woman to truly see me, the man I am and I see her. We wish to be together.” Their plan is to go to Martinique and live peacefully. Awesome.

Margaret is so pleased to see Claire and Jamie. They wonder if she has seen any sign of Ian and Geillis. She holds Jamie’s hand and he becomes a bit uncomfortable when she tells him about an orchard of death sown with blood, and the rabbit sitting and staring at him. To Claire she sees a bird on a windowsill who sings to her when she feels sorrowful. I guess the interpretation is that he sees the rabbit when he grieves for Claire and she the bird when she grieves for Jamie? The scene gets really spooky when Margaret speaks in Bree’s voice how she loves them both. Then for them to save her from a monster who’s coming to get her. What monster? Where? The only thing Margaret says before they are interrupted by Margaret’s brother, Archie is “Abandawe.”. Archie has come for his sister, their rich client, Mrs. Abernathy is in need of their services. Abernathy? Jamie is outraged. He grabs hold of Archie and demands to know where Geillis is and where she took Ian. He has no idea about an Ian just about the prophecy of a Scottish king will rise on the death of a 200 year old baby. 200 year old baby? Wait. Didn’t crazy Geillis mumble something about a 200 year old baby and rant about  a Scottish king taking the throne again?  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! Claire has connected the dots. By baby she meant Brianna. Does Geillis mean to go back through the stones and kill Bree to complete the prophecy? She checks the pictures of Bree and discovers one is missing. And Jamie  doesn’t have it. So, that can only mean that nutty voodoo worshiper, Jacobite sympathizer, and time traveling Geillis has gone to the sacred cave of Abandawe.

So, will the dancers are dancing around the fire engaged in a ritual sacrificing a rooster and drinking it’s blood, and Archie gets in an altercation with Cho ending up in Archie’s death and the natives using him as a sacrifice, too, Jamie and Claire ask where Abandawe is. A tribe member points the way but will not take take them because if he does he will die and if they go, they too will die. Jamie and Claire are willing to take the risk.

They run through the forest and finally come to a circle of stones, similar to Craig na Dun. There’s a cave underneath the circle, the sacred cave where all the disappearing happens. Claire and Jamie enter. As they’re walking through Claire hears a faint hum. She’s heard this same kind of hum before and becomes frightened. If she accidentally goes through the stones this time she won’t be able to come back, if fact it might kill her. As much as Jamie hates those odds he tells her they’ve already lost one daughter Faith, they will not lose another.

They come across Geillis near a pool of water placing gemstones around a pattern she’s drawn on the ground. Bree’s scorched picture is in the center and Ian is at the side, bound and gagged,  obviously Geillis’ sacrificial lamb.There’s no way Jamie can save him not with that giant slave Hercules pointing a gun to his head.  Claire tries to reason with Geillis that she doesn’t have to do this, Ian is just a boy. But there’s is no way to reason with a woman who is so insane, “I have to, Claire. It’s for the greater good. An eye for an eye.” It comes to Claire’s realization it’s not the stones that is the portal, it’s the water. (Could this come back to Claire’s fright in stepping in puddles?) She’s got to find a way to stop Geillis from jumping in the pool. First, Claire and Jamie have to get past that big weapon carrying wall. Jamie attacks the slave and knocks the gun from his hand. Claire makes a run toward Geillis while Jamie keeps the slave occupied in a fistfight which ends up with Jamie taking his dirk and holding it to the slaves neck. Seems like Geillis doesn’t have a chance to toast Ian, she’s got to finish her job. She starts for the pool; Claire screams, “NO!” The next thing Geillis knows she’s lying on the ground with her neck sliced by a machete courtesy of Claire.

With his owner now dead, Hercules is now free. As Jamie unties Ian, Claire stands staring at Geillis’ dead body. The pool make an unearthly sound and Claire is transfixed. Jamie grabs her hand and pulls her back just in time. He has to get her out of there. Ian scoops up the gems, Jamie picks up the picture of his daughter and Claire tries to get ahold of herself so they can quickly flee this cave of terror.

Dawn has now broken. Claire, Jamie and Ian don’t rest trudging through that green forest foliage  until they are safely away.  When they stop Ian finally breaks down in gratitude. “I knew ye’d come for me, Uncle Jamie.” Claire is still in shock over killing Geillis. She has an epiphany; The bones, the ones she examined with her colleague Joe,the ones she felt so drawn to, were Geillis’ bones, the woman she had killed. The dark is now light; what lost is found. They have a group hug. They’ll never come back here again.

They’ve done what they came to do. They’ve recused young Ian. Everyone is back on the Artemis safe and sound. Well, almost everyone. Mr. Willoughby isn’t there he’s  off to start a life with Margaret.(hope she’s ready for a lot of elbow kissing). Lord John has been very generous again by destroying that damn warrant. The sooner  Jamie can get Young Ian back to Scotland and Lallybroch the better. Claire points out after all the excitement he may not want to go. Doesn’t matter, he’s gone.While Claire is lounging on the bed, Jamie is at a table sitting with a dish of water and soap ready to shave his beard. Four days worth of growth can be verra itchy. Claire doesn’t want him to shave it off though, he looks way too sexy with a beard. So begins a lot of sexual foreplay like what he’s going to do to her and stuff. We don’t get to see them romp around and moan and groan, We just know they do.

 Jamie and Claire are enjoying the afterglow of sex. He opens the cabin window to see the gray sky and the sea begin to roll. Oh shit. A storm is coming.

It’s a whopping bad storm, too.  As the rain falls and the ship is tossed side to side, Jamie struggles to keep the ships wheel steady and the crew works hard trying to lower the sails and weather the storm. Meanwhile, Claire, Fergus, Marsali, Young Ian, Lesley and Hayes, who are not experienced sailors, Are safely below. Claire doesn’t stay there for long. According to her she’s the ships doctor and must be on deck to tend to any wounds. The weather has grown so intense Masts are snapping and men are tossed overboard. Jamie makes the decision that it’s so dangerous everyone get down to safety. They do except for one person: Claire. She’s not about to leave Jamie.

It’s storm is relentless. The rain comes down harder, the wind whips and the waves grow larger and larger and tosses the boat with such intensity. Claire has tied herself with rope for stability. She finally find Jamie. They watch together as a monster wave comes. Claire is washed overboard. When Jamie discovers this he is petrified.

I am dead. Everything around me was a blinding white and there was a soft…

Along comes her angel, her Highlander white knight. Jamie swims down like a merman to recuse the poor damsel. He takes his dirk and cuts the rope, holds on to her tightly and swims them both to safety.

 Jamie props Claire’s body on a piece of floating wreckage. He prays she’s only unconscious and not dead. He can’t deal with losing her again.

The camera pans upward so high we get the affect our two favorite people are indeed caught in the eye of the storm.

It’s a bright sunny day. A young girl is playing on the beach. She pokes the strange body that has washed up on shore with her stick. The thing begins to move scaring the little girl away. It’s Jamie. He’s alive and hopeful the other body nearby is alive, too. She sure looks dead. Like in a fairy tale when the first loves kiss bring the girl back to life, ta da, it works here to.  “I thought ye were dead.” “I told you I’d never leave you again.”

Jamie and Claire hug each other so tight you wouldn’t be able to pry them apart. Relief washes over their faces. They are alive and together.

The little girls parents, Joesph and Patsy Olivier, show up. Jamie is happy to find out the Artemis was ship wretched four miles away and that all survivors are being care for.  But where are they? What island? Jamie and Claire desperately want to know.  Joesph informs them they’re not on an island, they’re midland on the colony of Georgia. Jamie is confused. Where’s that? Claire is all smiles. They are safely in “America.”


So that’s  where Outlander season 3 ends. It was a great one, too. I just got finished rereading Voyager and yes, the writers did deviate from the book a bit but it was for the better. Sure there were a few storylines that were created like the bit about Geillis and the three sapphires. It was an exciting episode. I loved how Claire and Geillis  reunite at the Governor’s party. That doesn’t happen in the book.  Some parts of the book were not told and I can see why. They just wouldn’t translate well to the screen. I loved that they changed a few of the characters like Mr. Willoughby. He wasn’t portrayed as a stereotype Chinese like in the book. He was more a help to Jamie than a nuisance.  There was a part in the book where Claire goes through the stones. I’m glad they didn’t have Brianna and Roger in Scotland standing at Craig na Dun waiting for Claire in case she changes her mind. Bree:”Either you go or I go. It would be better if you went since you’ve met.”  It came off better that the two of them were in Boston cuddled on the couch by the Christmas tree having lobster rolls and Boston cream pie.

As they say “The book is the book and the show is the show.” I can not wait for season 4.

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Outlander is Back- episode 312


So here we are with the second to the last episode. I think I’m gonna cry. I really loved this episode. I thought it was great.  It was definitely a very interesting one.  Especially with the return of two of my favorite characters, Gellis Duncan and Lord John Grey. There were scenes that were controversial but back in the 18th century, hey, slavery was acceptable. As hard as the subject was to accept it was a big part of the West Indies storyline. So as not to dawdle on to the recap.

Episode 312

The Bakra

The opening  is a flashback to where Young Ian was taken off the island and hauled into the Bruja along with the box. It’s a box that has been sought after by one known as the Bakra (means white woman). Ian is struggling to be freed. Yes, he’s making such a fuss his kidnappers consider tossing him overboard until  one crew members tell them they should save him for the Bakra because she likes young boys.


So, when the ship arrives to Jamaica, Ian is thrown in a dungeon. The dungeon already has two other boys there.  There used to be more but one-by-one they were taken to the fearsome Bakra and never returned say a boy named Henry. What the hell?

It’s Ian’s turn. He’s taken to the bedroom on an estate called Rose Hall. If poor Ian wasn’t freaked out enough, the first thing he sees is a woman bathing in a tub of blood. In a trembling voice he asked, “Are you the Bakra?” She purrs back, “I am. I hear you’re Scottish. So am I.” She climbs out of the tub, her body all covered in the sleek red stuff. She notices wide-eyed gobsmacked Ian. “Don worry, it’s only goats blood.” What a relief? Bathing in it  helps keep her skin soft. The Bakra rinses herself off with two pitchers of water in a very seductive manner until the red goo is down the drain and whats left is her bare naked body. She struts over slowly and put on a robe.  The Bakra it turns out is none other than Gellis Duncan, her signature red hair now blonde. What in the world could be going through Ian’s young mind?

A servant brings in a tray of sweet cakes and tea. Ian demands to know  what happened to the other boys from the dungeon. She’ll answer him but first he has to eat. A starving boy is hardly going to resist, is he? As he tears into some cake Gellis offers him a cup of tea. It tastes awful but a little sugar might help. She wants to know where the missing sapphire is. Ian swears he doesn’t know. Well, maybe a few sips of tea might give her the answer she wants to hear, you see, the tea is laced with a truth serum that a witchdoctor makes for her.  a funny look comes over Ian’s face. He involuntarily blurts out “Maybe my uncle took it. Whoops. TMI.

Intersting. And who is his uncle? Gellis is very curious. She sits next to Ian, her robe becoming looser and looser.”James Fraser of Broch Turach!” Whoops. Oh, really! This surprises the shit out of Gellis. This changes everything. Ian assures her his uncle will come and rescue him. Gellis smirks, “Oh, I’m counting on it, lad. Maybe he’ll bring me my stone.” She seduces Ian by slithering her body across his lap like a snake. But now it’s time for  Gellis to answer Ian’s question. What does she do with the the boys in the dungeon. Oh, she uses them for sex then disposes of them. The main value is their virginity, But Ian is no virgin. (thank you Briget the barmaid). Oh, again, this changes everything. she can’t dispose of him. Jamie’s nephew is more valuable alive then dead. “Good,” she rips her robe open displaying all the goods, “You’ll know what to do then.” Hmm.

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone, la da da da da…

So, Jamie and Claire have finally arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica. No, this is not the Jamaica Claire had seen in travel magazines. There are no tropical drinks with umbrellas or five star hotels, it’s dirty, smelly and primitive. 

They meet a fellow by the name of Kenneth McIver, a business associate of Jared’s. He wasn’t expecting the Artemis so early or to meet Jared’s nephew.  What good fortune. he’ll get to supply wine for the new Governor’s party. Of course Jamie and Claire are invited. But Claire turns down the invitation, they’ve got more important things to do. So Mr. McIver would like to know why are they here? Jamie answers that question on the way to their lodging. He finds out that the Bruja was there but had left two weeks ago. As for their nephew, they’ll have to hit the slave markets. So they do.

And what they see there disgusts Claire. Men, women, and children locked in cages, being branded, exploited, she wants to vomit. On there search through the slave market Jamie and Claire find out the Governor, the one throwing the ball, bought most of the slaves that were on the Bruja. Maybe they should accept the invitation after all. They might get a lead on Ian.

Claire strays off and comes upon an auction. The slave won’t be any good to work in the fields because there happens to be something wrong with his leg. Oh but what about his virility? Claire is outraged when the auctioneer  violates the man so by grabbing his junk and showing it to the crowd. She hits him with her parasol. This creates a riot. When Jamie saves her she begs him to save the slave from such humiliation. “Help him, Please.”

So Jamie does the only thing he can think of. He buys him. Now Claire is horrified to find out she is a slave owner. Jamie bought the slave, Temeraire, in her name.

Claire wants to free him; Jamie agrees but not in Kingston. He’ll just be caught again. They explain to Temeraire that they plan to free him but before they can he has to help them find info of Ian’s whereabouts by talking to the slaves at the Governor’s ball.

At Rose Hall Gellis is fretting about the missing sapphire. She’s got two sapphires but without all three sapphires the prophecy of the rise of the next Scottish king  won’t come true. Come on, Gellis, you Jacobite sympathizer, you’re from the 20th century, surely you know that’s not going to happen. Archie Campbell, who with his sister, Margaret, wonder how she came to know about the stones.

Seems like the stone were handed down from father to son until they landed in Dougal MacKenzie’s hands. He hid the in the box of the MacKenzie treasure for safe keeping. Sadly, Dougal never had the chance to use them because he died in the battle of Culloden a hero. How dare Jamie steal the jewel from HER treasure!

Okay, here is where I’m confused. If the jewels were handed down from father to son wouldn’t they belong to Colum, after all, he is the oldest. And if Dougal knew where the MacKenzie treasure was why didn’t he use it to fund the Jacobite cause? And why in the world would Gellis think the treasure is hers? She’s no MacKenzie. She may have birthed Dougal a child but she wasn’t married to him. The treasure and stones belong to Hamish or Jamie. They are true MacKenzies! It’s evident Gellis has no idea how Dougal died. Not in the battle of Culloden. So if she were really a witch wouldn’t she know this piece of info already? The woman is clearly delusional. She needs to take some of that truth serum herself!

It’s party time! Claire is dressed in her yellow dress she hadn’t worn since Versailles. Jamie is all dressed up too and donning a powered wig.  Guess he wants to fit in.  Along with them are Fergus, Marsali, Yi Tien Cho and Temeraire who slips off to the slave quarters to do his assignment. How surprising that the first person Claire meets is Archie Campbell. He’s here with his sister, Margaret, too. She’s doing well, thanks for asking.

You’d think this new Governor was as important as the King. People have to wait in line to meet him. It’s as boring as waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland.  Two young giddy girls come over ooing over Yi Tien Cho. Is he real? They’ve never seen a Chinese man before. Yes he’s very real. Jamie introduces him a Yi Tien Cho, from the celestial kingdom of China. This fascinates the girls even more so Cho leaves to converse with the girls. Out of the corner of his eye he notices Margaret Campbell holding one of the slaves hand giving him a fortune. Her brother comes over and reads her the riot act for telling fortunes without his permission, especially to the help. He’s a bit rough with her too. Cho doesn’t like how he treats her. Margaret catches sight of Cho and smiles for the first time. Could this start a sweet relationship between the two?

While in line Clair teases Jamie how they aren’t as obey-gooey as the newlyweds behind them, Fergus and Marsali are. They used to be.  Instead, they give each other seductive looks to make up for it. Hmm, the longing. Whatever they are thinking will have to wait until they meet the new Governor. It’s their turn and surprise. The new Governor is none other than… Lord John Grey!

Jamie is dumbfounded to see him. He jokes to Claire that it’s like going through the stones. People from your past keep on coming back into your life. Lord John is twice as shocked to see Jamie… and thrilled. The man he has loved all these years has come back. It’s like one look at him and there’s no one else in the room. Jamie! It’s Jamie the long-lost love of my life is here! It’s evident Jamie’s a little on edge of their meeting. He knows Lord John’s feelings for him are not the same of gratitude and friendship as he has for his Governorship. More like the feelings he has for Claire. That must be why Jamie’s so quick to introduce Claire, his wife. Claire? You mean dead Claire?  She’s back? How? Well, Jamie thought she was dead too, John, but she’s not. She’s back into his life and how, is too long a story you’d never believe.

So ignoring everyone else who’s waiting in line to greet him, (how rude!) Lord John takes Jamie and Claire to his office to speak in private. First thing Jamie asks about is Willie. Lord John is leery at first to say anything about Jamie’s son until Jamie assures him Claire knows all about the boy. He’s doing well, rides like a champ because ‘Mac’ taught him so well. And yes, he does remember and asks about him at times which pleases Jamie greatly. Jamie wonders if the lad is with Lord John too but when he tells that Isabel and Willie will join him come summer Jamie seems very relieved. During the conversation Claire is an outsider. She’s wary of the look of genuine warmth and admiration Jamie has for his ex-warden and the look of adoration and longing John has for his ex-prisoner. Just what kind of relationship did the two of them have?

So Claire finally joins into the conversation by asking how Lord John came to be Governor on the island of Jamaica.  He answers it was because of promotions and wonders too what brings Jamie and Claire to the island. When Jamie tells him about finding his kidnapped nephew Lord John is eager to help in any way he can. After all the boy is Jamie’s kin! Jamie notices the jeweled pin Lord John is wearing on his waist. It’s the sapphire Jamie gave him back at Ardsmuir. He put it in an ornate setting and wears it as a reminder of their friendship. Oh, really? Well, as much as it was good to see Jamie again, (no mention of Claire) he does have other guests to attend to. After he leaves Claire gives Jamie a WTF  look. Jamie must know what Claire must be thinking. He swallows hard with the expression, It’s no what ye thinkin’. I’ll explain later. 

Claire and Jamie leave, too. As they stroll past Lord John’s eyes never leave Jamie. Oh, it’s so evident his governorship has the hots for this man.  Mr. McIver stops Jamie and wants to take Jamie to meet a man who knows all the large landowners on the island. Hopefully he’ll get some information regarding young Ian. Claire tells him to go that she’ll make some inquirers of her own.

Meanwhile, Margaret Campbell is outside by the pond sitting alone on a bench. Yi Tien Cho comes to join her, tells her she deserves to be treated better than the way her brother treats her. Margaret puts her hand in his, “You are a rare soul.” Cho smiles, “You are rarer, like a flower from heaven.” It’s a touching moment. I doubt Margaret has ever heard such nice things before.

It’s now time for John Grey to have a little chat with Claire. She’s standing alone sipping on champaign so he joins her and picks up a brandy. Their conversation seems all friendly at first but then there’s an air of cattiness about it. He mentions that they’ve met each other before. Claire remembers it well. “You were protecting my virtue.” “Let’s be honest, your virtue was never in jeopardy.” Oh, good one John. He’s surprised that Jamie told Claire all about Willie. (was he snidely hinting at the fact Jamie fathered a child in her absence?) Maybe.  But Claire is unfazed. Yes, he told her all about his son’s mother and her relationship to his wife. Lord John is amazed Jamie told her so much. Not everything, but Claire’s 20th century gay-dar is telling her.  Claire can’t help but notice the sapphire John  sports proudly. “So, Jamie gave the to you?” He gave you jewelry?   “Well,” he can’t help but preen, “he more like surrendered it.When he came back from Selkie Island looking for you. He thought you were dead. Yet, here you are.” Yeah, how about that? He got some crazy notion it was you on that island guarding the treasure and had to see for himself and when he didn’t find you he resigned himself to the reality you weren’t coming back but damn you, you just had to show up again,  ruining any chance I would have had with my dearest Jamie.  “Yet, here I am.” And don’t you forget it, bitch!  John goes on to say  something that for Claire cements the severe man-crush he has for Jamie. “Well, it’s certainly a pleasure to meet the love…”(swallows hard yet retaining dignity,) “that was his every heartbeat.” It wasn’t me so you win, lady. 

Whoa! Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! It can’t be… Claire excuses herself from Lord John’s company because she believes she’s just seen a ghost. In a way she has. Gellis has been at the party the whole time spying on Claire and finally catches her attention. Claire follows in the same direction Gellis fled in but loses sight of her causing Claire to wonder if she’s had too much champaign to drink.  Then a voice behind her quotes a line from Casablanca, a movie that would make no sense to anyone in the 18th century unless they were a time-traveler from the 20th century. “Of all the gin joints in all the world she walks into mine.”

If Claire had been holding a champagne glass she would have dropped it. No it’s not your imagination, it really is Gellis, Claire stared at her wide-eyed, “I thought you were dead.” “Twas the wee bratlin’  that saved my life.” Gellis goes on to tell Claire about living in the thieves hole until the contractions came then she was carried to her own bed to give birth “to baby as warm as his father’s balls.” (Dougal). “Dougal took him from my arms and found him a good home.” Okay, wait. Didn’t Colum on his death bed tell Claire that Dougal had no idea what happened to the child? So how could it be Dougal who found the baby a home? Clearly Gellis needs another dose of truth serum. It was Dougal who helped her escape the pyre by subbing a corpse of a woman who had died a few days previous in the casket. She was even there watching it burn. “It isn’t every day you get to go to your own funeral let alone to your own execution.” She goes on to tell Claire how after she discovered Dougal had died she hid out a while then married a plantation owner. Coincidentally the old fart is dead. That’s how she’s here in Jamaica. Her new name is Mrs. Abernathy of Rose Hall.

Yes, Gellis was right. Claire is a time-traveler like her. And Claire is very grateful that she saved her life. Gellis did wonder if their paths would cross after Cranesmire but never imagined it would be like this. So why is Claire there in Jamaica anyway? Gellis feigns ignorance when Claire explains about Young Ian. Gellis thinks that is just horrible and offers to help in any way she can to find the lad. “After all, what are friends for?”  She admires the necklace, a gift to Claire from Jamie. She thinks it’s just beautiful. Gellis would love to meet the ‘fox cub’ (I wondered if that was a reference to Lord Lovet, the old fox, Jamie’s grandsire?), maybe he’ll have a bobble for her too. Of course she means the sapphire.

“Jamie, you remember Gellis, don’t you?”  Jamie, sitting at a table chatting with Lord John, (it appears like they can’t stand to be apart),  is shocked to see a walking, talking, breathing, unburned Gellis. She is introduced to Lord John and happens to notice the jewel he wears on his wastecoat. She practically  pulls the sapphire off his coat inquiring as to where he got such a lovely gem. Lord John goes to explain how the gem was found on an island off the coast of Scotland and given to him by a friend, a prisoner as Jamie corrects, a fact that Lord John prefers not known. Gellis abruptly leaves. Lord John remarks, “She’s rather strange, isn’t she?” Claire snorts, “You have no idea.”

Bingo! Gellis has found the last sapphire. It may not be hers but with quick thinking there is a way to make the prophecy come true. demand the Campbells start fortunetelling. But the only fortune she cares about is the gentleman wearing the last sapphire.  Margaret doesn’t want to do it because she can feel the prophecy will mean death. But her cruel brother Archie demands it. Gellis asks Lord John if he’d like his fortune read. He declines saying “I’m fortunate enough.” Besides, he’s got other duties to attend to. But Gellis is insistent rallying the other guest to side with her. So what other choice does Lord John have but to appease his guests wishes.

Lord John is asked, before the fortune can be told to place something of personal value in Margaret’s right palm. The item meaning the sapphire. Margaret has the other two stones in her left hand.  He does and Margaret goes to town.

“When twice 1200 moons have coursed between man’s attack and woman’s curse, when the issue is cut down then will a Scotsman wear a crown.”

Right. Margaret’s gibberish makes no sense. To anyone, including Gellis. She pulls Archie Campbell aside taking him to talk in private. What the hell did his sister mean?  Archie has no idea either. But he assumes that it means if a 200 year old baby is killed then the be a Scottish king. A 200 year old baby? A “Benjamin Button?” Gellis is frustrated but maybe in time they can figure out what the cryptic message meant. She tells him to grab his sister, they’ve done their bit, they’re leaving.

While Gellis is ranting to Archie, Fergus and Marsali are being nauseating affectionate. See?

But they stop their canoodling when they see Captain Leonard ride up with two other soldiers. He is damn determined to catch Jamie and turn him in. Fergus and Marsali run to warn Jamie of Leonard’s arrival. He does in time and it’s ready for a quick exit.

On their way toward their carriage they run into Temeraire. He delivers the info he received from the slaves. It seems a Tall, blond haired boy who speaks Gaelic was taken to a Mrs. Abernathy at Rose Hall. Rose Hall? That Gellis’s place. Claire is outraged. The woman lied to her. Friend indeed. Well, Jamie reminds her the woman is pure evil. Good job Temeraire, you’re a free man now.

Determined Captain Leonard watches as a coach drives away. He’s pretty sure who it is trying to make his escape. The carriage drives up to the place where Temeraire can join up with the freed slaves who live up in the mountains of Rose Hall. Before Claire and Jamie can get back into the carriage,  up rides Captain Leonard and his men to arrest Jamie. “Mrs. Fraser, I see you’ve found your husband.”

Claire is incensed with rage. “You bloody bastard! After all I did you and your men. I an the only reason any of you survived!” Captain Leonard could care less. He’s got what he came for, that’s all that matters.

Jamie had pressed the photos of Bree and Willie’s cameo into Claire’s hand for safekeeping before being taken by the soldiers. The last words he said to Claire, “Go and find Young Ian.”

So now Claire and Jamie are separated for the umpteenth time. But never fear, they’ll find each other again. Can’t wait to find out how on Sunday. But alas, it is the finale. Droughtlander is almost upon us. Next time.

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Outlander is Back- episode 311


This was one of my favorite episodes. Life, death, reunion, a wedding, sex. I loved it; loved all the characters even Marsali.  Great acting from Catriona. She made me emotional without saying a word. Her facial expressions said it all. Lets be honest, this was her episode to rule. Some people may think the first 10 minutes of her doing nothing but searching through the forest was boring but not me. I thought it fascinating. A real test of Claire’s survival skills.The scenery was amazing, too. I have a favorite character this episode and he didn’t have to say a word. That was Coco. He got his point across perfectly. So here we go…

Episode 311


After making that harrowing leap into the dark sea, we find Claire floating in the blue ocean resting safely on top of her makeshift raft. A wave comes along and knocks her off. Surprised, Claire swims to the nearby shore. Soaked to the skin, exhausted and confused as to where she is, instead of resting she finds the bundle of clothing that have washed up on shore and spreads them on the rocks to dry. While they dry in the sweltering sun Claire sits in the sand wondering if she’ll ever  reach Jamaica or see her beloved Jamie again.


With her clothes, now dry, back on she heads out in search of necessities: food, water, civilization, a passage to Jamaica.  We learn a bit of interesting trivia from Claire. A human can survive three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food. Her urgent need at the moment is water. She does manage to find a drop or two on top of a leaf but it’s hardly enough to exist on. Oh, that blazing heat! She’s walked so long in it she needs shelter at least for a bit. A piece of linen draped over branches suffices nicely… well. That walking isn’t doing her feet any favor. They’re sore and starting to blister.  And where the hell is she? She’d really like to know that.

After a short rest it back to walking aimlessly through the jungle. Good thing Claire almost stumbled over pieces of flint. They’ll come in very handy. She still hasn’t found any food except for rotting coconuts. The good ones are too far up the tree to bother with. As the sun starts to ebb Claire begins collecting branches and twigs for a fire. The flint will help with that, so will the stuffing from her bustle. Now. Finally the fire is built and aflame. it’s bedtime. Nighty night, Claire.


Morning has come. Claire is woken by some kind of weird feeling on her lower body. She looks down to find her legs are crawling with ants. Hundreds of them.  Well that’s what happens when you accidentally lay down near an ant hill. Franticly, Claire brushes those irritating bugs from her legs and from her clothes but the damage is done. Her legs are by now severely bitten. She looks as bad as those sailors she treated for typhoid. What a way to start the day, without food or water or any sense of where you are going and legs itching like crazy. All day she  wanders, hours in the boiling hot sun searching for any sign of life. But to no avail. Her search has been unsuccessful. She’s just hunger, thirstier and exhausted to the core. Night falls. Claire is alone. She sits down and wearily rests her back against a tree and falls asleep. However, when she wakes she finds she is not alone. There’s a huge snake slithering across her body. All she can do is wait until the snake moves on. Claire’s expression of terror says it all. Naturally she can’t wait to get a move on.

Claire doesn’t know how much longer she can keep going. She’s grown so weak and dehydrated. Suddenly, when she thinks all is lost, Claire  hears something other that birds calling out. She sees from a distance a man in religious robes preaching to his goats. Finally! Another person! Feet from his homestead, she collapses.

When Claire regains consciousness, she finds herself in a strange bedroom with her limbs tied down. There’s a glass of water on the nightstand just inches away but she can’t reach it. The scowling woman standing by the bedside can. She gives Claire a few sips and explains in Spanish the reason her hands are tied: it was the only way to keep her from stretching her legs raw. While Claire gets more rests this woman offers to wash and mend Claire’s clothes. She notices that strange contraption used to hold the corset together. Que?

The next time Claire awakens it’s to find the preacher watching her. The eccentric character introduces himself as Father Fogden. He  reminds me a lot of John Cleese. He is thrilled when Claire flutters her eyes open… and that she’s British, and a doctor. To him she’s a sign of good luck, he compares her to Saint Bridget. Why, her presence alone has caused one of his goats to give birth for the first time in years. That’s who he was blessing when his dog, Ludo found her. That’s all well and good but where is she? That’s what Claire really wants to know. Father Fogden explains she’s at Hacienda de la Fuente, his home on the isle of St. Domingue. That’s great but she really needs to get to Jamaica as soon as possible. Well, that’s a two day trip and she’s in no condition to make it now. He introduces her to his companion, a coconut named Coco. He will know when the time is right to travel.

  He introduces the sour-puss woman as Mamacita and orders her to find Claire  a dress to wear.  The woman only speaks Spanish and doesn’t like Claire at all. She won’t do it calling Claire a fat cow who could could not fit in to any clothes available. She’ll just have to wear one of the father’s old robes. She also says Claire stinks, which she probably does, and quickly orders her to bathe.  Claire agrees. She goes outside and climbs into a tub of water. It must feel heavenly. It’s been a long time since she’s gotten to soak. However, the relief she feels cannot hide the look of shock on her face. This was not what she expected to happen when she returned to the 18th century.

At dinner that night Father Fogden tells Claire the story of how he ended up on this uncharted island. He was a priest sent to Cuba as a missionary. There he fell in love with a married woman named Ermenegilda.  “Our love could not be subdued.” So to escape her husband, Don Armando, they ran away with her mother, Mamacito to this island. He said it was God’s will they escaped unscathed. The British invaded Cuba right after they left. Sadly, as soon as they arrived Ermenegilda got sick and died. Father Fogden offers Claire his pipe to have a puff  of what he called ‘noobah’. I have a feeling it was weed.  Claire refuses instead asks Fogden to take her to the village so she can board passage to Jamaica. He insists he can not take her until she is well. An argument ensues. Mamacita can no longer be silent. She demands this ‘whore’ leave her home immediately. (what is this with people calling Claire a whore?) Mortified, Claire leaves the table while the argument continues between Fogden and Mamacita.

 To escape the bickering Claire goes to another room and sits on a bench. On a side table lies a little mirror. Claire must have liked it so much she decided to steal it ala Fergus. She puts it in her pocket. Fogden finds Claire and apologizes for Mamacita’s actions. It’s just the agony of losing a daughter holds her still.” Claire can relate. He also explains the reason for Mamacita’s hostility is because she’s afraid he’ll fall in love again and forget all about Ermenegilda. How silly. “When you loved someone as I loved Ermenegilda it never leaves you.” Again, Claire can relate. Fogden senses that, too. In that case he’ll take her to town as soon as possible…as long as Coco agrees.

So, in an effort to convince Fogden to see things her way the next morning Claire pretends to have a conversation with Coco. Yep, Claire tells Fogden that Coco told her it the perfect time to go to town. Arrangements are interrupted by Mamacita’s screams. Claire and Fogden run out to find a hysterical Mamacita clutching the head of her beloved goat Arabella. She speaks in Spanish so Claire doesn’t understand her tell Fogden that a Chinese sailor slaughtered her Arabella and roasted her on a spit.  Fogden say a prayer for Arabella. “If the Lord cares even for the tiniest sparrow how could he have failed poor Arabella?” Fogden goes and pulls a jar of beetles and pours them over Arabella’s skinless skull. “Voracious little fellows. Comes from a sacred cave in Jamaica called Abandawe.”
Abandawe? Claire recognizes the name. She is reminded of that ranting of Margaret Campbell’s “Abandawe will devour you!” Fogden goes on to tell Claire that the cave is hallowed to the natives. “It’s a place of great power. It is said that folks have disappeared there.” Huh? That sounds similar to… Claire wonders if the cave could be like the Standing Stones.

Fogden mutters something about his beloved goat being dinner for some Chinaman. Claire has a suspicion he means Yi Then Cho. What else did Mamacita see on the beach? He tells Claire she saw sailors and broken sails. Oh, Jesus H Roosevelt Christ! Could Jamie be on the beach, too? Claire starts running for her life.

Next we see Jamie sitting on the beach staring out at the Artemis. Because of a storm the vessel was shipwrecked. The main body of the ship remains intact, it’s the masts and sails that need repair. Many of the crew were lost at sea including Captain Raines. The remaining crew, including Fergus, Marsali, Lesley, Hayes and Cho made it safely to shore. They are busy at work repairing the broken pieces and the sooner the better. They have to continue their journey to Jamaica.

Claire may have run like the wind but by the time she reaches the beach Jamie and the crew are finished and back at the boat. Claire tries frantically to catch his attention. Waving her arms on the air and screaming his name isn’t working. Wait a minute. What about the mirror she took. Surely that would work. And it does like a charm. The light reflected prompts his to take a spyglass to see who’s stranded on the island. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees it his “Sassenach?”

He wastes not a millisecond returning to island. They run to each other, their arms open wide and embarrass like they never want to let go of one another again. The scene where Jamie and Claire reunite on the beach is a very touching moment. Far better than the printshop.

Jamie notices the gash in her arm from a sharp branch on her rush to the beach. Not even a wounded arm was going to detour her. As Cho tends to Claire’s arm Jamie and Claire catch up. Jamie still canna believe Claire jumped overboard in the ocean. As Claire tells him it was the only way she could escape to find him to tell him about the warrants, the one for murder is because they found the body of the exciseman in a cask of Creme de Menthe and assumed that Jamie killed him. Cho growls they should have cut the body up like he said. Claire also warns Jamie that Captain Leonard is an ambitious man. Jamie assures her they will never capture him.

Jamie informs Claire that he has given Fergus and Marsali his blessing to marry. After all this death they need something joyful like, maybe a wedding. Claire knows exactly the person to help with that.

So Cho apologizes to Fogden for killing Arabella. “Forgive my ignorance. Where I come from goats are not cherished like here.” Fogden does forgive him because after all, he was once a stranger in a strange land too and takes the chicken peace offering. Everything’s good again and to celebrate Fogden offers Cho his pipe so he can try his ‘noobah’. Hey, don’t get too high, you’ve a wedding to perform!

Marsali is preparing for her wedding ceremony. Claire offers to help. She asks if Marsali is nervous, that she was on her wedding day. At first Marsali is cold to Claire but soon warms and asks for advice. She explains she doesn’t want a child right away, that she wants a relationship with Fergus like Claire has with Jamie. She wants to enjoy sex not shy away from it like her mother. Claire understands. She promises after the ceremony, when they get back to the ship, she’ll help Marsali with contraception. Marsali is very grateful. “Maybe you’re not the devil after all.”

On to the wedding. The service is a most quirky one made even more so by it quirky priest. At first he starts to marry Marsali to the wrong man only because Fergus is missing a hand. Does the bride mind? No! Is he missing his cock, too? Marsalis is disgusted. “If ye hurry up and marry us I could find out already!” She’s waited a long time to bed him. So complete names are needed to complete the rite. “Marsali Jane McKimmy.” Fergus though only has one name, Fergus. No he doesn’t. Jamie gives Fergus the perfect wedding gift. A sur name confirming him as Jamie’s foster son. “It’s Fergus Claudel Fraser.” They are now wed.

Father Fogden blesses their union and blesses Claire and Jamie’s too. Two very happy couples.

Back at the ship, en route to Jamaica, Claire is loving the soup. It’s delicious! She can’t seem to get enough. Jamie says Yi Then Cho will be glad. He made it specially for her. Not only is she feverish from the gash in her arm but tipsy, too. How could that be? From the soup of course, It was made with a whole bottle of Sherry. Penicillin will help reduce the fever and Jamie gladly assists her ready the shot. She wants Jamie to give it to her in her buttcheek like she had giver it to him. “A chance for revenge if you want it.”  But Jamie can’t seem to bring himself to do it.

Claire has no problem with stabbing that needle in her thigh, she’s done so many times before. Afterward she craves more soup. What is that soup? she asks. Jamie tells her it’s turtle soup. Claire informs him that turtle is an aphrodisiac and to bolt the door. Let the sex begin!  The raunchier the better.

Cho knocks on the cabin door wondering how Claire is feeling and if she liked the soup. He’s just made a fresh batch. Jamie covers Claire’s mouth from replying and tells Cho to leave. Cho chuckles as he walks away knowing exactly whats going on in that cabin. Thank you, turtle soup.


So there it is. Only two more episodes of the season (sniff) then Droughtlander begins again.  Can’t wait for Sunday and Jamaica.

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Outlander is Back – episode 310


Well folks we’re finally at the double digits of episodes. Sadly only three more to go. Love the acting and the scenery. Kudos to both. The story shifting back and forth did make my head spin but both stories, Claire’s and Jamie’s, needed to be told.  A bit of Fergus and Marsali’s were told, too. She’s getting more tolerable now. If she’d just show Claire some respect than I’d like her fine. As it looks at the end of this episode that might not have to be. She can go on being the ungrateful snot. My favorite scene-stealer has to be Elias Pound. That young guy stole my heart. Too bad he came to such a sad ending. A close second was the goat keeper, Mrs. Johansson. Lovely woman and very helpful. Anyway, despite that I think this season of Outlander is taking way too long to get from point A to point B, I really liked this episode. However some people didn’t. They feel the season is going way too slow and they are bored with Outlander, the series has lost all interest. The negative online comments don’t help either.They’ve gone into what is called Burned out-lander. Was it because the magic of Scotland is now history? Will the West Indies make for a bland storyline? Have Claire and Jamie changed too much? Has the magic gone out of their marriage completely?  I assure you the answer is ‘No’ to each assumption. The story will get more exciting. Claire and Jamie will find each other again. I do admit because there’s been changes galore I’m rereading Voyager again. Anyway, this wasn’t the bad episode they make it sound. Okay, enough. Onward.

Episode 310

Heaven and Earth

The episode begins with a prequel to the last episode. Fergus is showing Jamie the potpourri he’s giving to Marsali as a present to make her happy. He then spots the Porpoise setting their sails and moving on. Jamie is frantic; Claire is suppose to be back on the Artemis safe and sound not stuck on a big diseased boat. He orders their ship to be turned around but Captain Raines puts a stop to that command informing Jamie that Captain Leonard assures Claire will be returned to him once they reach Jamaica. Jamie is outraged, he can’t believe the captain agreed to this. But he did because when a British man-of-war vessel request a surgeon for the duration of their voyage you give it to them without argument. Plus big deal, it means one less bad omen gone. A scuffle ensues which ends up with Jamie being restrained and locked down below.


Sing me a song of a lass that is gone, la da da da da da……..

So back on the Porpoise Claire has a big battle ahead of her. She’s got the crew scrubbing down the upper and lower decks and trying to explain hygiene to men  who are used to living in such unsanitary conditions and probably haven’t even heard the word before, men are still dying. I guess they expected the disease would poof disappear upon her arrival? She has them dipping their hands in grog before working because alcohol kills germs. Too bad no one knew about bleach back then. The men are not pleased because grog is for drinking not disinfecting, but they also know the alternative is worse. Her assistant, 14 year old midshipman Elias Pound, comes up with a way  to obtain pure alcohol to use instead of the mens choice of beverage. Excellent plan indeed.


Claire manages to track down the source of the disease, it is a man, Joe Howard who was transferred to kitchen duty after his carpenter buddies died. He is removed and locked up in quarantine. The cook, Cosworth. isn’t happy about losing his last galley hand. He didn’t like Claire before now he despises her even more. Watch out, Claire, he’s  got it out for you.

On the Artemis, Jamie is locked up downstairs  and vomiting like crazy. There’s no Mr. Willoughby to give him acupuncture. He has come up with a plan to incite mutiny, dump all Jared’s wine and catch up with the Porpoise who is only a day ahead and rescue Claire.  Fergus refuses, though. He doesn’t thing the plan will work. Jamie is convinced it will. He lashes out the fact he has the power to withhold their marriage blessing. “Until you risk all, you canna speak of love. Because if you did you’ll move heaven and earth, you’d risk life and death, even hell.” Jamie give the vow he’ll let Fergus and Marsali wed if he’ll get the key. Now Fergus is torn between the love he has for Jamie and the love he has for Marsali.

All those dead crewmen need to go somewhere. The 18th century custom for burying men at sea is the last stitch of the canvas that the body is wrapped in must be stitched through the nose by a friend to make sure the body is dead. One of the bodies happens to be a friend of Elias so he has the honor(?) of that last stitch.  After each body is prepared theres a huge funeral complete with a gun salute and prayer. Then keerplop, into the sea.


That evening Claire is alone standing dockside  staring up at the stars… but not for long. That grumpy cook, Cosworth approaches Claire intent on causing trouble. Sh may be doing all she can but men are still dying so how useful is she? If fewer men don’t start dying soon then… Cosworth’s threat is interrupted by Elias. He promptly sends the cook back down to the galley where he belongs.  He is impressed by how calm and collected Claire remains with all this death around her. She explains it something called compartmentalizing. With luck all the dying will cease. Elias thinks it might take more than luck and gives Claire the rabbits foot his dead mother gave him. You can’t help but love this considerate fellow.


Another man has become ill. It’s Mr. Johannson, the husband of the goat mistress. But he’s not ill from the disease, he’s ill from alcohol poisoning from drinking the pure alcohol Claire needs as disinfectant. Claire is furious; she starts swearing like a sailor then apologizes to Elias for her outburst.  Elias says it didn’t matter, he’s heard worse just not from a gentle woman. “Well I’m no gentle woman!” She give Elias orders to watch Mr. Johannson. He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t choke on his own vomit. She happens to notice in the corner is a Portuguese flag and wonders where it came from. Besides, it was a Portuguese ship that took Ian. She asks one of the men how they obtained the flag and the name of the ship, if it was the Bruja. He remembers they boarded the Portuguese a few weeks ago  in search of a surgeon but can not remember the name of the ship. She’d have to asks the captain, he’d surely know.

So Claire goes searching for Captain Leonard. She goes down to his cabin but he isn’t there. The urge to snoop in the captain’s log was too hard to resist. Claire just had to find the name of that Portuguese ship. She manages to but the ship was not the Bruja, it was the Cascador. Shit! Claire finds something more disturbing though. The captain knows Jamie’s identity from a man named Harry Tomkins.


Claire is reeling from this information. This is not good news. She has to find this mysterious Harry Tomkins. Just then, the cabin door creaks open. Claire assumes it Captain Leonard but no, it’s that surly cook Cosworth. He demands to know what she’s doing there because what it looks like Claire’s doing is trespassing and he”s not buying the excuse she was just looking for the captain. He makes threats to Claire; she counters with threats of her own. If he doesn’t back off she’ll cry rape and he will be arrested and they’ll believe her since she’s got the captain’s trust. If Cosworth doesn’t get out of her way Claire will scream. In that case, he moves aside.

Over on the Artemis, Fergus and Marsali share an intimate moment. She’s washing the stub of his left arm, soothing the area where his hand was before reattaching the artificial one. Honestly, these two really look like a married couple. They start feeling amorous and kiss and kiss heavier until that urge to go farther build so strong Marsali tries to coax Fergus into sex. Who’s to know with Claire gone and Jamie locked away. Well Fergus would. He’s too honorable a man and insists on waiting until after they are married. Married What was it Jamie said if Fergus gave him the keys to escape?  His blessing so they can wed? Maybe it’s worth the risk after all.

Loyal Fergus skurries over to the captains quarters intention putting his pickpocket skill to work. However he overhears the captain and a few of his men discussing Jamie and plans to take advantage of Marsali when she was alone. Well, that quickly put an end to stealing the keys. He’s doing this not only for Marsali’s protection but for Jamie’s as well. Poor Scot will have to remain in his cell.

As soon as the men find him Claire is ready to interrogate that scum informer, Harry Tomkins. Finally they do and throw in the cowardly Tomkins who turns out was the one-eyed man who threatened Ian in the printshop and set it ablaze. He managed to escaped with treasonous material he handed over to his boss Mr. Percival. Instead of rewarding his thanks by a raise he was put on a diseased ship.  When Captain Leonard boarded the Artemis thats when he recognized the man he knew as A. Malcolm. Now that the captain is aware of Jamie, when they land at Jamaica there will be a warrant out on Jamie for high treason and murder. Murder? They found the dead exciseman’s body, the one Claire tried to save in a cask of Creme de Menthe. Oh. So naturally it’s assumed it was Jamie who killed him. All Captain Leonard has to do is write up the reports and when Jamie comes to collect his wife he’ll be arrested and handed over to the authorities. This will look pretty cherry for Captain Leonard to hand over a wanted criminal, he’s ambitious and would like to command a fleet of his own, and Claire’s being used as bait.  Now that Claire knows this she declares Tomkins as the second source of Typhoid and has him locked up.

Claire doesn’t know what to do. Her husband’s in trouble and there’s no way she can warn him. This she laments to the kind goat keeper, Anneka. Her own husband is much better and she gifts Claire with a small round of goat cheese. Anneka is very sympathetic to Claire’s woes and she wants to help her. Anneka has a plan that might work and tries to tell Claire but Anneka’s English isn’t so great so Claire doesn’t understand her. Oh, well.

There’s good news.The epidemic has stopped spreading. The mood between the men is much lighter. There’s even music and singing again. Claire can not help but feel the joy, too. However the joy is short lived.  There lying on his hammock the diseased has claimed it’s last victim. It’s young Elias Pound. The poor boy’s death hits Claire hard. She felt like a mother to him.  As his friend Claire sews that last stitch through his nose but before she does she sticks the rabbits foot back into his pocket. “Your mother will be so proud of you.”  Clearly a ten tissue moment.

At the Artemis Jamie is sitting in his cell looking a pictures of Claire and Brianna. Gotta say Jamie sure looks hot in specks!  Captain Raines has come down to release him. Seems they need good able bodied to navigate between the Islands ahead. Along with the captain is Fergus and Marsali. She has persuaded the captain to release him if Jamie gives his word he won’t rebel… and she knows Jamie would never betray his word.I’m sure that means too his word to let she and Fergus marry. Which he does. Out of gratitude Jamie gives his permission for the two of them to wed as soon as they get to Jamaica by a priest, no less. Laoghaire would be so proud. Not!

There’s land ahead but it’s not Jamaica. It’s Grand Turk Island where the ship can get supplies, mostly fresh water.  And the goats can have grass. So, Claire finally gets what Anneka was trying to say. “My goats need grass.” What devious plot has Anneka thought of.it finally that’s Since the ship is under quarantine the ship is only able to dock on the uninhabited side.  Claire helps Anneka watch the goats as they graze. Away from sight it’s the perfect time for Claire to flee. With encouragement from Anneka Claire runs off  hoping to warn Jamie of his impending doom.


However, sometimes plans don’t run so smoothly.  On her escape the last person Claire expected to run into was Captain Leonard. He was patrolling in case some of his men tried to disobey is orders and not stay on the beach. What a shock to find his surgeon trying to desert. But not really. He knew damn well Claire was not hunting for herbs or had no idea she was heading  toward town. He knew what Claire had seen in his journal and though he’s grateful to her for saving his ship he’s still going to turn her husband in for his crimes because of honor, oath, duty, and because he’s an opportunistic pig!

Well, that plan didn’t work but all is not lost. Anneka has another plan in mind for Claire’s escape.  She pulls Claire on deck to the side  and tells Claire to jump. Claire thinks thats a crazy idea besides, she’ll drown. Ahh but not if she’s got the makeshift raft to keep her afloat. The current will carry her to land. Well… It’s a risk but anything is better than remaining on this ship as bait. So with a quick skirt removal and money from Anneka, they toss the raft overboard and Jesus H. Rosevelt Christ, Claire jumps!


What will happen to our castaway next? What about the husband who would move Heaven and Earth to be with her again?  We’ll have to wait and find out on Sunday .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Outlander is Back!- episode 309

Goodbye Scotland, hello the West Indies. It’s a sailor’s life and we saw it.  I liked the episode. The acting was terrific especially Sam. Wretching is hard but take after take? Catriona’s Claire was as gorgeous as ever. My favorite actor this episode has to be Mr. Willoughby. He stole the show. From Jamie’s savor to poet to sacrificial lamb, yeah, he’s my guy. Good to see Jared . So onward Matey.

Episode 309

The Doldrums

We start at the harbor with Jamie speaking to cousin Jared. Jared’s arranged for Jamie to work as steward, or supercharger who oversees the cargo on a ship called the Artemis. With him he brings Claire, Fergus, Mr. Willoughby aka Yi Then Cho, and those two cronies from Ardmire, Leslie and Hayes. Jared informs Jamie and Claire that the ship which kidnapped Young Ian was a Portuguese ship called the Bruja headed for Jamaica. And, in the West Indies any male in good health is worth 30 pounds so if he wants to be safe he’ll behave himself.

After Jared leaves Jamie tells Claire he’s informed Lallybroc what happened to Ian. I can just imagine how frantic and frighten Jenny and Ian must be upon hearing the news. Jamie feels the need to tell Claire how he feels. He meant what he said, he wants to be with her. She belongs to him. “If you truly want to go back I’ll take you to the stones myself.” Nice sentiment but Claire thinks there first priority is finding young Ian.

All aboard, matey. Jamie finds his men have already boarded plus an added surprise. Fergus snuck Laoghaire’s daughter Marsali aboard. Claims they are married; handfasted. Fergus says he’s been courting her for some time which is news to Jamie.


Jamie is furious. If Laoghair finds out she’s sure to kill him.The good thing is Fergus hasn’t bedded her yet so the handfasting means nothing.  He tries to get the ship’s captain, Captain Raines, to turn the ship around so this girl can disembark. This is too dangerous a trip for her. Fergus should have known better. Marsali  is insulted especially because he’s letting “her” come meaning Claire.  She tells Jamie if he does make her get off the ship she’ll lie and tell her mother she slept with Fergus when she didn’t. She gives him a choice: will she be married or ruined. Marsali is a chip off the old block. Like her mother she’s a liar and has a real hatred for Claire. Which is put to the test when she ends up having to bunk with Claire while Fergus bunks with Jamie. Claire’s not thrilled about this either. “After twenty years apart you want me to room with her?” But there is no other way to keep the young couple apart. As far as Marsali is concerned Claire is “the whore who broke our family apart.” I could have slapped her. I wish Claire had slapped her just like she did her mother back at Castle Leoch years ago. Well, at least the “Whoooore” gets the bigger bed.

Poor seasick Jamie. He is throwing up like crazy. It seems to never end. Claire fixes him some ginger tea to ease his swaying stomach. She digs through the chest of supplies Fergus brought from Lallybroch and finds the dresses she wore in Paris all those years ago. He saved them all. A few he gave to Marsali.”Why didn’t you sell them?” “Sell them? Sell memories of you? Never!”

An “I wish she should of…”: Hey,Claire, if Marsali is going to continue to be such a bitch take those dresses back Jamie gave her. Technically they’re still yours. If she wants them back she has to show you some respect.


Oh, those superstitious sailors. It’s bad luck to bring women and redheads aboard so The Frasers and Marsali are not welcomed passengers. Before casting off everyone aboard must touch a horseshoe for as much good luck. That means the cursed ones too.When a crew member gets injured the men suspect that someone neglected to touch it. But Claire, the ship’s surgeon, thinks their theory ridiculous. Accidents happen all the time. Captain Raines invites Claire and Jamie to have supper with him that evening. Jamie will no doubt be in no shape for solid food so Claire dines with him alone.


It turns out it was actually Claire that Raines wanted to speak with. He want to put her in her place for balking the ships superstitions. For all rights she and Miss McKimmy should be going around bare rested because bare breasts calm a stormy sea. Riiight. And makes all those sailors horny!  “It matters not whether I believe touching a piece of iron will bring good luck, the men do.” Claire can’t believe he’s serious. “Believing something doesn’t make it real.”  But he’s very serious. “On this ship it does.”

Claire can’t believe how miraculously Jamie’s recovery is. That ginger tea must be working well. Well there is a reason but it’s not the green tea. Fergus asks him if  he would bless his and Marsali’s relationship. Jamie refuses but Claire tells him he should approve and see if the couple’s passion fizzles out. Jamie still refuses. He has no idea what ‘fizzling out’ means but still, it’s just what he’s afraid of.

On deck Claire watches Cho paint on the floor with water. He tells her its a poem. He’s a writer and he’s writing his life story of his life in China so it will not be forgotten. Claire would love to hear it but Cho says not yet. “A story is a life lived. Once told I have to let it go.”

Claire is about to find out wants keeping her hubby so healthy. She walks into there cabin to find  Jamie with a face all full of needles. Cho has been treating Jamie with acupuncture all this time. It’s really helped.  Claire thinks he looks like a giant  pincushion. Jamie agrees, he feels like one but he hasn’t barfed in a week. He admits to Claire he didn’t want to hurt her feeling by telling her it wasn’t the ginger tea that was the cure. “We aren’t on stable ground and I didn’t want you to see it as more proof you didn’t belong here.” Now, I hope he meant by ‘stable ground’ the ship at sea and not their current shaky relationship due to his marital status. And ‘more proof you didn’t belong here’ meant the boat where women are usually banned and not her decision whether or not to go back through the stones.  “My return has been confused and frustrating but it’s never a question of whether I love you.” That’s a relief for Jamie because he really needed to hear it. We all did.


Wait! What? The ship isn’t moving! Why? Porcupine faced Jamie  and his first mate (ha ha) Claire go find out. They discover they’ve lost the wind and are stranded motionless in the middle of the sea.  Oh. Not good at all. The superstition about the horseshoe is looking pretty plausible right now. The sailors are sure someone didn’t touch the horseshoe. They need someone to blame, their ‘Jonah’, and throw them overboard. Hey guys, pick Marsali. Toss her ass into the sea!!! Please!!!! Anyway, Claire suggests  that everyone touch the horseshoe now to alleviate fear but sorry, won’t work. It must be done at the beginning of the journey. So days turn into weeks and weeks turn into more weeks and still no wind. The sailors  are in hot pursuit of their ‘Jonah’ now. Must I spell it out for you guys, M-A-R-S-A-L-I!

Days turn into weeks and still the wind does not return. They continue to be stranded.  The sailors are getting discouraged, shortage of supplies, kegs of water contaminated. They need wind and rain quickly The need for a ‘Jonah’ grows stronger.

The situation may be dire but Jamie and Claire do manage to find time to be alone together. They’re up on deck at night with arms wrapped around each other, staring up at the full moon. Claire tells Jamie when she left for the stones man had just landed on the moon. She saw pictures of the surface, too. It was beautiful; sparse and craggy. Then she recites a few lines from a story she would read to Brianna called Goodnight Moon. Yes, Claire admits to missing Brianna terribly. Leaving her child and her old life behind to find Jamie was difficult.

At last the sailors have found their ‘Jonah.” No, it isn’t Marsali, it’s Lesley. Poor guy has been going around feeling guilty because he doesn’t know whether or not he touched the horseshoe. But he’s gotten drunk and climbed up the ship’s mast with the intent of jumping off. The sailors couldn’t be more encouraging. Jamie’s not. He’s angry. No man of his is going to be used as a scapegoat. Jamie climbs the mast for the purpose of saving the fellow warning Lesley that if he jumps, he’ll follow then his wife will kill them both.  It wasn’t easy and very frightening but he finally manages to convince Lesley to come down. This doesn’t please the sailors one bit. They wanted their bad-luck-penny to jump. So they attack Jamie, Lesley and all their men. An uncontrollable riot begins.


During all this mania Cho notices a sign of good luck. He rings the ships bell to gain everyone’s attention. He begins to speak. It’s his life’s story of where he was born, “Guangzhou, city of rams. ”  How he found the skill to write earning him the title “Fenghuang, bird of fire.”. His beautiful poetry caught the attention of the Emporer’s second wife, Wong May.She asked him to join his household in Beijing. That was a great honor but the condition was to serve the Royal wives one must be a eunuch. To refuse would be dishonorable a sure death sentence. But he had to; he had fallen in love with woman, all women. Then he gets a bit erotic describing lady parts to fruit. He had to flee and ended up in a place where his poetry is of no value, where no woman is worthy of love, they are course and rank as bears. Creatures of no grace. They disdain him as a yellow worm where not even the lowest whore would lie with him. By not surrendering his manhood he has lost all: honor, livelihood and country. Sometimes he feels it’s not worth it.

As he finishes his story the sailors bow their heads in shame. Cho climbs up on the side as if he’s about to jump. Instead, he threw the papers of his life story into the water. The papers don’t reach the water, though they blow away in the wind. Finally the wind has returned.  Claire and Jamie wonder how he knew the wind would pick up. Cho explains about seeing a bird  flying low which means  the wind is heavy and rain is on the way. Claire realizes what a noble thing Cho did to keep the peace. He sacrificed his life story. “Once told I have to let it go.”

The heavy rain comes and the sailors are ecstatic. Oh, boy, fresh water and it’s coming down in bucket-fulls. While the crew is savoring the wet stuff, Claire and Jamie sneak away for a romp-in-the-hay. Without the aid of Miss Clairol, the hairs on Claire’s head are coming in gray again. And Jamie loves it. “The way the light hits it it’s like a piece of silver in the moonlight.”  I doubt if Frank ever gave her accolades as sweet as that. “How could I not love a man who says such things? If you were to say that in the 20th century you’d be the King of all men.” She goes on to confess when she thought about coming back she knew they’d have to get used to each other again. Jamie reassures his Sassenach that no matter what troubles happens around them that what is between them will never change. Claire snuggles closer and agrees.

Sailors notice a ship following them. It is a British warship signaling for assistance. Jamie assumes since the ship is short of crew they may take any man including himself as their crew. If they do then it’s up to Claire to finish looking for Young Jamie.  But Jamie’s assumptions are not the case. When the Porpoise’s Captain, a young man named Thomas Leonard, who is as it turns out is acting captain since everyone of real authority, including the ship’s surgeon, has died from the plague that has broken out on his ship.  He boards begging for a surgeon. Claire has him describe the symptoms. From the description the sickness sounds more like Typhoid Fever than the plague. Since there’s no way she can catch it thanks to modern inoculations, Claire offers to help.  Jamie is totally against the idea but knows when Claire’s doctor’s vow take over her sensibly, there’s no arguing with her. “I won’t take my eyes off that ship until you return.”

On board the Porpoise, Claire diagnoses the disease is indeed Typhoid fever and instructs Leonard  in how to treat it imploring him to make land as soon as possible. “It’s going to get worse before it gets better.” She offers to stay a short while longer to help he and his available men with the preparations.  While down it the galley attempting to discuss matters with the ship’s cook, the  ship starts moving. This shocks Claire. She wants to find out why. It’s because Leonard, too young to know an officer’s honorability, admits he’s desperate and needs her aide at any cost, including ‘kidnapping’. and since their two ships are heading to Jamaica he’s taking her with them. She may be  their only hope at survival. She’ll be returned to her ship when they dock. He’s already sent news to the Artemis of his plans.



Claire can only watch in horror as the Porpoise moves swiftly away from the Artemis and Jamie.


There you have it. Now we have to wait for anther Jamie and Claire reunion. Until Sunday.

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Outlander is Back- episode 308

First off I have to say I loved this episode! The best of the season so far. I have watched it several times and never got bored once. It was great to see three of the most interesting characters again. I sure have missed Jenny, Laoghaire, and Ned.There was so much action and hatred and anger. And wonderful acting. Kudos to them all. Onward.



Episode 308

First Wife

It opens with Claire, Jamie and Young Ian arriving at Lallybroc. Once it was her home but now after twenty years it feels strange to her; like she’d never been there before.  She receives a very cold reception from Jenny who is relieved to see young Ian, surprised to see Jamie and dumbfounded to see Claire.”I never expected to see you again.” Well, Claire never expected to see you again either. But there she is. The ‘stray’ Jamie brought home with him from Edinburgh, the kink that ruins your inference in your brother’s life.

In the parlor Jenny and Ian sr. interrogate  Jamie and Ian jr. about his whereabouts. Claire is standing watching. Ian jr. argues why should he be stuck on the farm when he could be with his uncle making wages by selling liquor. Why Fergus said he was a natural. But that was before the fire. Oops. Young Ian accidentally let slip the printing shop fire. Jenny is furious. It’s bad enough to introduce her son  to smuggling and the company of criminals but what’s this about a fire? Oh, just a wee fire as Jamie points out. No, Ian sr. suspects different. They wouldn’t be at Lallybroc if it were a wee fire. There’s nothing left of the shop, huh, and Jamie agrees. He tell them everything was fine before the excise men started threatening him and one even attacked Claire. Ian jr. was so proud of his aunt for killing him. “Got him good, too.” Jenny orders Ian jr. to leave and after he’s gone jumps on Claire about killing a man in front of her son. Claire explains the boy wasn’t even in the room when it happened.  As for Jamie, there was no excuse for him not sending word that young Ian was with him.  Jamie lets them know while Ian was with him he treated  him as if he were his own son. Well, if that’s the case then, Ian takes off his belt and hands it to Jamie, he can punish him as if he were his own. Jamie knows of a better punishment, though.


Yep, there was. Young Ian ends up slapping cow dung on straw. It looks disgusting and Ian would rather have a thrashing then do that. Even made worse by his younger sister Janet chiding him. Grinning Ian sr. agrees with Jamie that this was a much better punishment. Jamie agrees with Ian that he should have told the truth and sent word.

Outlander Season 3 2017

After Jenny introduces Claire three of her grandchildren and Claire gets a look at a grown wee Jamie who’s not so wee any more, she’s outside doing the chore of washing clothes. Jamie comes along and they discuss young Ian how Jen treats him like a child not the young man he’s become. Jen snidely mentions  Jamie’s second wife and his morals of committing adultery. Jamie shares with Jenny his bottled up sorrow, how he was prepared to die at Culloden and send Claire away; gave her money for safe passage to the colonies. Redcoats came and killed every man, woman and child in the town she was staying in but luckily she survived and made the journey overseas. Now, after twenty long years Claire has magically returned? Jenny doesn’t buy his story because the Claire she knew would have never stopped looking for him. If only Jenny knew the truth.

It’s now evening. Jamie and Claire are upstairs in their bedroom. He’s discussing plans of building their own cottage and making a home at Lallybroc. Claire mentions about telling Jenny the truth about her being a time-traveler. Jamie said that would be a crazy idea. It was one thing to tell Murtagh, he has traveled, but not a woman who has never been further from the farm. Jamie tells Claire at times he still can’t believe she’s real and about how he searched for her, the story of escaping Azmire prison because a dying man rambled about treasure hidden on Silkie Island being guarded by a white witch. Jamie, assuming the man meant Claire he swam to the island but alas did not find her. He did however find a chest full of gold coins and gems belonging to the MacKenzie clan.


Claire is surprised when Jamie tells her he returned to prison after all, he had the treasure and his freedom. Because being named their leader, the other prisoners needed him. Being honorable he just couldn’t up and abandon those men. Claire tells Jamie she may not have been on the island but she  would always pretend he was with her. Feeling guilt, Jamie starts to tell Claire about his second wife. Before he can in barges two young girls wondering who the lady is with their daddy. Behind them is the second wife, an furious Laoghaire for finding her husband with the Sassenach witch who should have been dead.

Yeah, that’s right, Jamie and her are married. And how could he betray her with the cunt who should go back to the hell she came from. Really, this woman has quite a sewer mouth and you know how much Jamie likes foul mouthed women. Jamie is angry  that she and the girls just out of the blue appeared. Laoghair and he start to fight which upsets little Joan. They take their argument downstairs. Claire is shocked. Daddy? Husband? Laoghair? This is just too much for Claire to take.

Downstairs Jamie explains the situation to a very confused Joanie. Who Claire is and what he feels for Claire is different for what he feels for her mother. There’s not the bond between them that there is with Claire. But dinna fash little one, he’ll always take care of her and her sister Mairsellis. How sweet when the girl gives Jamie a hug. Reminds me of wee Willie.

Stunned to the core Claire is packing to leave. Who can blame her. Jamie comes in and catches Claire packing. He tries to explain the situation but Claire doesn’t care. He’s a husband with two children that Claire assumes are his because  the youngest has red hair.  Well, as Jamie replies, “I’m not the only red haired man in Scotland.” Besides they’ve only been married less than two years and most of that time was apart. Good point. Why didn’t he tell her he married Laoghair, he told her about Willie, why not this? I mean, JHRC, it’s Laoghair! Why? He say’s it’s because he’s a coward. At least when it comes to loosing Claire he is. Anyway, according to Jamie it was Claire’s fault. She was the one who told him to be kind to her.  To thank her, not marry her, dumb ass! Well, he wouldn’t have if Claire hadn’t left him. As Claire firmly points out that wasn’t the case since it was Jamie who forced her to leave.  She would have gladly died at Culloden with him. He canna blame her leaving  though since it was because of Brianna.  “But you blame me for returning?”  Jamie’s not sure. No. Yes. No. Definitely no.


It’s just she can not know what it feels like to live twenty years with half a heart; not caring about anyone but the one who has the other half of his heart he will never see again. Oh, really? Claire felt that same way and more. Did Jamie think she just went back through the stones and lives happily with Frank again not giving him a second thought? He’s sadly mistaken if he does. What he can’t stand is the image of Frank all over her body, and holding their bairn. Guess what, Jamie, Claire can’t stand the image of Laoghair! An angry Jamie confesses he could give a rat’s ass about Laoghair, never have and never will. All he wants is Claire.  One forced kiss  deserves  a quick slap which in turn garners a toss on the bed and another fierce kiss. Claire tries to get away but no deal. After the next kiss she succumbs to the passion. They end up on the floor and angers turns to lust and Claire and Jamie can’t way to get it on.

Unfortunately the heated desire gets doused by Jenny. Seems like their rage has caused quite a disturbance. A humiliated Claire grabs a blanket and leaves.

Claire sits downstairs contemplating her position. Stay or go. Long Janet offers her a whiskey. Yeah, okay. She could surely use one under the circumstances. Janet apologizes for calling Laoghair but she was only following her mother’s orders. What? Jenny sent for Laoghair? Well, as Jenny says she is Jamie’s wife.Claire states that no, she is. Well why did it take her so long to get back and be a part of the family again? As  Jenny points out family do send letters to keep in touch. I don’t think Claire could have easily done that 200 years in the future and have them received!  Claire goes on to describe her reasons for staying away. In Boston she had a second husband for survival only and in order to make the marriage work she had to put her past behind. When her husband died Claire thought she’d visit Jamie’s grave to tell him she never stopped loving him.  Instead she found him alive.There were no children and yes, Jamie knows all about the second husband. Jenny believes her but still feels Claire isn’t telling her everything. Damn straight she is! Jen doesn’t know if she can ever trust Claire again or want to.

The next morning Claire is leaving. She’s got her saddlebag all packed and on her way down the stairs toward the stables. Jamie desperately tries to change her mind. He wants to make things right. He’s still the same man she fell in love with and he’s only loved one woman and that is her.  Well, that’s all Laoghair needs to overhear. She appears holding a gun meaning to take out the competition: shoot the Sassenach witch dead for good this time.

Jamie tries to reason with Laoghair; the gun goes off the shot meant for Claire but instead shoot Jamie in the shoulder. Laoghair goes toward her wounded ‘husband’ but Claire pushes her away. She’s done enough damage. Ian and James carries Jamie inside and sends him on the the table. From hearing the shot Jen walk in and is horrified. They want to know know who’d done that. Why your precious, green-eyed, Laoghair. Doctor Claire goes into action this time with all the intention of saving her patient.  The only seditive and disinfectant being liquor, Young Ian watch as Claire masterfully removes four pellets from Jamie’s shoulder, the fifth could be in a very dangerous area. But it wasn’t. Claire manages to  successfully  remove the pellet. Many stitches, even more bandages and lots of liquor later, the surgery is complete. Now the mending process begins.

Jamie is resting the fire recuperating. Claire comes to inspect her patient mended wounds. She’s still angry of Jamie’s marriage to of all people Laoghair, but wants to hear Jamie’s explanation anyway. It should be a good one.

As Jamie said it began when he came back from England. Lallybroc wasn’t the same. Jenny’s children didn’t recognize him. He felt like a stranger; half a man, lonely, a ghost. Claire understands. There was a party at Lallybroc the kind Jamie hadn’t seen since he was a boy. There was music and laughter, and tables piled with food. It was warm and lively but Jamie just stood by the side looking on. That was until two young girls came up to him and asked him to dance. It’d been a long time but they were willing to teach him. Jamie gives in. I mean who could say no to this darling face.

So soon as Jamie’s dancing his heart grows lighter, he starts laughing and having a good time. Jen notices the change in her brother. The two girls, Maircellis and Joan belong to Mistress Kinney, or rather Laoghair, twice widowed with two girls in need of a father. Well, he had this need to be a father and a husband so why not. The match was made. Jamie thought by marrying Laoghair  he’d have all those things but not so. Though the fondness he felt for the girls grew stronger, there were weeks where Laoghair and he didn’t speak to each other which wasn’t so bad because then there wasn’t and arguing. In bed he tried to be gentle with her but she would refuse him. She had been hurt by one of her husbands and the fear was plain in her eyes.  So the fact Jamie couldn’t bare to be around a woman who was afraid of his touch was the reason he moved to Edinburgh. Claire touches Jamie’s hand and discovers he has a fever. Well time for a bit of modern medicine. Jamie receives a shot in the as of penicillin because germs are no match for the drug. Claire enjoys every minute of delivering the cure. Ouch!

Claire goes outside to speak with Jenny. Jen tells her she saw a vision when Jamie married Laoghair. Claire was standing between the two of them at the alter. Claire tries to gain Jen’s trust again. She tells Jen how much she loves Jamie, that she never stopped thinking about him or any of them.  Claire’s leaving caused a deep pain for Jenny. It felt as if she lost a sister. Is Claire’s return and care for Jamie worthy of Jenny’s trust again?  All Claire wants is a second chance.

Inside Claire runs into Ned Gowan. Yes, it’s a surprise he’s still alive and a delight to see him as is a delight for Ned to see Claire, too. Why is he here? To speak with her husband. Her husband, not Laoghair’s.  So as Ned explains to Jamie and Clair her return makes Jamie and Laoghair’s marriage invalid. There will be a court fee but Jamie is willing to pay anything. Well,it seems Laoghair filed a complaint with the Justice of the Peace. She wants compensation. Well, it’s a crime to have a firearm and if they turn over the gun Laoghair shot him with she won’t receive a dime. She’ll lose everything, her land, her daughters and be deported to the Colonies. But soft-hearted Jamie refuses to hand the gun over. He can’t do that to the girls. They’d lost a father already. So what alimony is Laoghair asking for?

Twenty pounds! why thats two years wages! Plus ten pounds monthly for the  girls until they marry? Jenny is furious when she hears the amount. Where in hell is Jamie going to get the money?  Funny you should ask. There happens to be a box on Silkie Island full of old coins and jewels. He’ll take the coins to France and have cousin Jared change them for sterling the give it to Laoghair. He knows this because he swam there once but unfortunately is n in no condition to sin to the island now. Young Ian offers to because he’s a good swimmer and it’ll be a good experience, and he’ll do anything for his favorite uncle. Jamie also wishes to take Young Ian to France, too.  Well, She guesses it would be good for Young Ian to have a taste of freedom while they can give it to him so Jenny allows it. Jamie assures her the boy will be in good hands. Hmm…

So the next day standing on a craggy hill, Claire and Jamie watch as young Ian swims toward the island. Claire starts admiring her doubts whether she and Jamie  truly belong together any longer. This is something Jamie doesn’t want to hear. But as Claire explains back in Boston she had a life, a career, friends and here Jamie had his printshop. Since she’s returned there’s been nothing but trouble. Coming back was harder than she thought. Jamie tells her being a printer  didn’t compare to being her husband. And when had anything not been hard. Would she give up for the sake of the man she once knew? Soulmates mate for life.


Then Claire notices  something bad. There’s a sailing ship and men headed for the island. They see Ian with the box in hand. Their attempt to have him go back is in vain. The sailors find young Ian with the treasure and capture both.Jamie and Claire can do nothing to save the boy. All they can do is watch is him being taken and the ship sail away.

So much for being in good hands.

So theres my recap. A bit late but time is my enemy. Can’t wait to watch it tonight!

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Outlander is Back – Episode 307

Unlike a lot of fans I liked this episode. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was good. Well acted,  the fire scene was a pyromaniac’s dream. If last week negativity wasn’t bad enough this episode has left many a disgruntled fan. Some book readers feel the writers are deviating too far from the actual story and portraying the characters of Claire and Jamie into something they are not. The magic of their relationship has disappeared. That the writers focused on some parts or made them up and left out many essential story lines.  Plus, the episode was short. 50 minutes asa posed to 60. What did they leave out that ended up on the cutting room floor that could have been used to fill up the 10 minute gap? Oh well, it is what it is. I say to those people… get over it! Onward.


Episode 307

Creme de Menthe

So we start off where we left off with Claire’s attack. She picks up a knife and manages to slice the man twice before he stumbles and hits his head on the hearth. Jamie walks in and sees what has happened. He’d rather let the man die but Claire can’t. She wants the help him to survive because she takes her hippocratic oath seriously. So she goes into her doctor mode. Jamie can’t seem to understand why Claire would want to save the life of the man who tried to rape her because the guy, who turns out to be an excise man, does not deserve her mercy. Claire doesn’t care though. This makes Jamie angry and he has a right to be, that he can’t make his stubborn as always wife realize she is not in 20th century Boston anymore she is in 18th century Edinburgh and things are different. If he lives and the cops found out she could be arrested for being alone in the same room with the man she attacked even if she isn’t a whore. This scene reminds me of the time when Claire and Jennie started searching for Jamie and tortured the Redcoat for information. Claire wanted to heal his wounds while Jenny insisted, “Claire, we canna let him live.” And before stubborn Claire could get what she needs from her saddle bag, Murtaugh shows up and guts the guy. Problem solved. Too bad Murtaugh wasn’t there this time.

Madame Jeanne walks in to tell Jamie that Sir Percival and his henchman are coming to search her basement where all the barrels of liquor is stored. Jamie must do something. She can’t help but notice what’s going on and she’s not too thrilled about it. Claire starts ordering Madame Jeanne to get items, one of them being a drill because she wants to drill a hole in the guy’s skull to relieve the blood clot in his brain. Ewww! Other items needed she must go to the apothecary for.  While Jamie goes downstairs to the brothel basement to move the contraband with the help of Lesley, Hayes, Fergus, and young Ian, he has Mr. Willoughby watch the man while Claire is out.

At the apothecary Claire meets a man named named Archibald Campbell. He’s buying medicine for his ill sister. She explains that she’s a healer and if he’ll let her go ahead of her she’ll come and see the woman for free.  Campbell can’t refuse such a good offer so he steps aside so the woman can go first.


Fergus and young Ian are selling the contraband. The buyer offers 50 shillings. Ian says that’s not enough. He wants 75.  The buyer say no deal. So for 75 shillings Ian offers three kegs of creme de menthe, too. Deal. Fergus is impressed with Ian negotiating skills. He’s a natural. Ian asks Fergus about Claire. Fergus remembers her as being kind and able the save men without becoming squeamish. She was forced to kill a men, too. He saw it with his own eyes. Hmm.


Claire returns to find Jamie restraining the now conscience man down. She is shocked because that’s not what you should do with a person with a brain injury. Jamie is like, “What was I suppose to do, Sassenach, let him scream?” Yeah, Claire! So Jamie takes the gag out of his mouth with a few drops of sleeping potion the guy is out like a light and prepared for surgery. Jamie has better things to do than stay and watch because Sir Percival has arrived to inspect the basement.

With the aide of Mr. Willoughby Claire becomes the surgeon she was trained to be. With a scalpel in hand she slices into the spot she’s going to drill  and blood squirts out and we see all this exposed bloody  flesh. Sorry, I don’t know why the viewers had to see this procedure. Wasn’t watching her use a drill into his head like she was boring into a 2×4 piece of wood enough?


After Percival leaves from searching the basement and not finding it empty with no contraband anywhere he’s still not satisfied. He still suspects Jamie is holding out on him and vows he’s not giving up. Well, f**k you, Percy! Jamie heads back upstairs to check on the situation. “This has to stop! Let God take him.” Well, him is dead. Claire lost her patient and she’s feeling miserable. She shares with Jamie that for her loosing a life is not an option. She feels as if she’s failed her patient and she’s failed herself. She’s also upset because she’s caused so much trouble for Jamie by her return. Jamie assures her otherwise. “I would give-up everything I have for us to be together again.” This is the only tender moment in the episode, folks.


Fergus and young Ian are at a tavern celebrating their successful sale.


Seems like Ian has the hots for Brigid the barmaid but is too nervous and shy to talk with her. Being a virgin he has no idea what to do. (shades of uncle Jamie) So the experienced Fergus, who lost his virginity at fifteen in a three-way, gives him a few lessons in seduction: tell her how beautiful she is and offer a drink, anything she wants. Time to put it to the test. Fergus gets the girl’s attention the leaves Ian alone with her. Though nervous, he manages to use Fergus’s advice and it work’s like a charm.

Claire has another patient to attend to. Jamie doesn’t think Claire should walk the streets alone and wants Fergus to chaperone her. But Claire, an independent 20th century woman, refuses the company.  At the Campbells she meets Margaret. She has her head down on the table like she’s got a bad headache. When she touches Claire’s hand she has an outburst of gibberish. Or is it?  Her brother thinks she’s a seer but Claire disagrees. She’s not a seer she’s just go a neurological disorder.  Or is she? Archie claims he can usually interpret her “visions”  for a small fee but recently the interpreting  been difficult. Turns out Archie and his sister have a fortune telling business. He wonders if Claire could make sense of his sister’s rambling. Claire says no. Or does she? Seems from the wary look on Claire’s face they might have some meaning. Claire writes down some instructions for Archie and she wishes to see Margaret the next day. But too bad. They are leaving for the West Indies.

Claire goes back to the brothel to find Jamie in their room counting out coins. She suggests  that they get a place to live outside the brothel. Start a little medical practice, out of the back of the print shop maybe.  Jamie wonders why. After all they have everything they need there: food, lodging, nightly entertainment. Because dumb-shit, it’s a brothel!

There’s a knock on the door to announce there’s a visit waiting downstairs by the name of Ian Murray. Jamie knows he’s come in search of Ian jr. and warns Claire not to say a word that she’s seen him, he’ll explain why later, the sight of seeing her will be shocking enough. So Jamie and Claire go downstairs to meet a Ian. And true, one look at Claire and his expression is a mixture of  happy, relief, and oh my God, she had to pick now to show up!  The real reason he’s come to see Jamie is because he and Jennie are frantic they haven’t been able to find young Ian. He’s run away from home again and has been gone for two months and the last time he came here to see his uncle. Has he seen him at all?  Of course Jamie lies and says no. Actually young Ian is drunk and getting devirginized by Brigid in the printing shop. Jamie promises Ian that if he does see him he’ll let him know. As Jamie walks Ian out there another hint of the special secret Jamie has yet to tell Claire. “There hasn’t been the right time yet, Ian.” “There’ll never be the right time, Jamie.”


So in the printshop Brigid is making a man of young Ian. He’s in such ecstasy he doesn’t want the feeling to end until… they hear a sound. It’s Percival’s henchman searching the printshop for casks of liquor. Luckily Ian was able to get Brigid safely out. Ian defends his uncle and tries to get the bastard to leave. They end up fighting. When Ian gets thrown against the wall the secret panel where Jamie keeps all his treasonable pamphlets opens. Ian tries to stop the henchman from taking the damaging evidence. The man shoot but the shot misses Ian and ends up setting the shop on fire. Unfortunately the henchman escapes with the pamphlets tucked into his pockets but not before getting a hot poker in the eye. Ian becomes trapped as the fire spreads.



Jamie enters their room. He sees Claire. “The years apart couldna erase the meaning behind that look.” That’s because Claire is pissed at Jamie for lying to Ian. She doesn’t think it right Jamie not telling him that young Ian was with him. This start a huge fight. “You have no idea what it’s like to be a worried parent. You’re not the boy’s father.” Good point. Jamie gets all defensive, “No. I’m Brianna’s father but I didna get to raise her did I? The wretched thing you call a bikini, even whores have the decency not to go around parading about like that.” This man can’t seem to get the fact his kid was raised in the 20th century.  Claire fires back, “God, I forgot how rigid this century is! If Frank and I had raised Brianna to be a criminal, taught her how to smuggle and be a traitor, then you’d approve?” Whoa, low blow there.  “At least her virtue wouldn’t have been endangered.” Like he really knew, huh?  And speaking of virtue… “Say the man who lives in a brothel.” Good comeback, Claire. Then, Jamie asks Claire a question that’s been on his mind for 20 years. “Did you fall in love with Frank when you went back?” How nice to see Jamie’s jealousy emerge. Claire assures him she didn’t. “No. I loved Frank once but that was before you.”

Madame Jeanne knocks on the door informing Jamie and Claire of the fire in Carfax Close. Immediately Jamie thinks it’s the printshop. They arrive  to find the shop engulfed in flames. Jamie suspects that since young Ian sleeps in the backroom he might be stuck inside. So pushing fear aside he rushes into the burning building to save his nephew. Claire fears she may never see him again.

Flames licking around him, smoke burning his eyes he spots Ian on the second floor nearly passed out. With the strength of a superhero he jumps from the second floor, pushed one of the printers out of the way, grabs his cameo of Willie, throws Ian over his shoulder and escapes. Amid all the fire somehow he got back up to the second floor because as the building collapses more here comes Jamie coming back down the burning steps carrying Ian. The people  who have gathered to watched this spectacle are relieved to see him most of all Claire.  Jamie and Claire, Fergus and Mr. Willoughby take Ian to shelter in an alley. Here Ian explains how the fire started,  about the henchman, and about how he found the incriminating material. If Percival gets his hands on them Jamie is surely in deep shit because treason is far worse a crime than smuggling.

Claire pushed for Ian to be taken home to Lallybroch infant they all should go. Jamie agrees to that solution. If Percival does get the pamphlets he can’t trace Jamie because he doesn’t know James Fraser, he only knows Alexander Malcolm, printer. First there’s business to attend to. Jamie takes Willoughby and Fergus aside , gives coins to pay the two men Lesley and Hayes, and coins to Fergus and instructions to seek out the henchman and hopefully bribe him not to go running to Percival with the evidence. Also to find Ned Gowan regarding the matter of the secret ‘second wife’.


Jamie goes and watches as the location of his new occupation turns to ash. The end of his life in Edinburgh. The look on his face tells it all.

Goodbye Alexander Malcolm, hello James Fraser.

Until next time when Claire finally learns Jamie’s secret.

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Outlander is Back- episode 306


Even though this episode garnered a lot of disappointment from many fans I thought it was brilliant. Loads of unexpected surprises that for those who have read the books think What? Why? And for those who haven’t think Huh? What’s going on?  Never have I seen so much squabble over an episode. So much that I have renamed this Sex, Secrets and Controversy. All in all despite the changes from the book material which is a ridiculous nitpick for viewers seeing as this is an adaptation, it was well written and well acted. Kudos to all involved.

Episode 306

A. Malcolm

The episode begins as a prequel to the end of the last.  We see dapper Jamie, aka A. Malcolm being dressed by a woman, Madame Jeanne. Like all us women she is besotted with this man. The look in her eyes says it all. It doesn’t help that Jamie’s doing some innocent flirting with her.


So with coat and tricorn on Jamie is off to work. He heads down the street of Edinburgh toward his print shop.


Once inside his shop he hears a commotion. With dirk in hand he goes to face the intruders. Well, it turns out to be just a couple of guys Jamie knows that sought shelter because they were tossed from their former place of lodging. Jamie’s not to happy to see them but puts them to work passing out traitorous, solicit material. Geordie, a young man with a stick up his ass and a growth on his neck enters. Yeah, they kid him about his goiter but Geordie must be use to the taunts because he takes  their insults in stride. Jamie gives him a chore of getting ash for the printer which peeves Geordie off only because if he had known before that it was needed he could have gotten before he came to work. After he huffs off Jamie gets to work printing. Very interesting to see how the printing  process is. After a few hours of labor we hear a bell tinkle. “Geordie, is that you? Where’d you have to go for the ash, clear to Glasgow?”  “No,” is the reply, “It’s not Geordie, it’s me, Claire.” This is where a terrified Jamie turns to glance up at the woman he’s longed twenty years for standing in his shop staring down at him. It’s such a shock Jamie tumbles to the floor.

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…

So now Claire is downstairs on the  floor trying to revived Jamie.He still can’t believe his eyes but yeah, it’s true, they are both in the flesh real. It’s a dream come true. Poor Jamie thinks he has peed himself and it does appear he has but it’s only the ale he dropped when he fell. Look, I think I would have peed myself to if I were in his shoes. Better that than a cardio arrest. Well, who wants to stand around in wet breeches. He goes to remove them and it’s cute to see that since it’s been so long he’s suddenly shy about removing his clothes in front of Claire. “It’s okay, we are married.” Yeah, about that… So he’s standing there naked from the waist down. He holds Claire’s hand and notices their wedding ring still on her hand. The fact she never had the heart to take it off and after all this time of wishing and imagining she were with him and calling her name out in comfort brings tears to his eyes. You can tell he’s very emotional from the cracking of his voice but chose to sniffle the sobbing.  Then, comes the long awaited for reunion kiss.


Geordie returns and on seeing Claire and pant-less Jamie embrace thinks his Papist boss committing an immoral act, declares he’s quitting.”Gods tooth, man, it’s not even noon!”  Ha, ha. Jamie has a dry pair of breeches in the back and invites Claire to come with him. Holding it all together and trying not to jump her bones Jamie tell Claire it’s fine to see her again. Then he asks about their child. Claire removes a plastic bag from her pocket containing pictures of their daughter. Daughter? Jamie is overcome he has a daughter but curious to at these things called photographs. Claire explains they are futuristic things taken with a camera sort of like painting with light. Ooo-kay. He asks if the child knows about his existence. Claire assures him she does. That encouragement eases him. Then, in order to view the picture Jamie has to whip out his specs. Yeah, no longer is he a man with eyesight like a hawk, age has changed that. Claire doesn’t care, he’s still as dashing as ever. And he is! She mentions her own changes, the greying in her hair which she covered up because she wanted to look like the last time he saw her. “Time doesn’t matter, Sassenach.”

So they sit on the cot and he looks at the pictures. He asks Claire about her name which at first he thinks awful but when Claire tells him Brianna was named after his father Brian, then it’s a beautiful name. What’s she like? A lot like him, even has red hair. Jamie become a bit somber. He said, “Just like her sister, Faith.” I loved the recognition of the child lost. Back to the pictures: He finds out a few things about his daughter from these pics like she was very fond of her dog named Smokey, that she liked to chop wood and wear a bikini which he thinks is disgusting, and likes to catch fish. He also finds out Claire is now a doctor.


Note: There were a lot of complaints about the lack of emotion Jamie exhibits at the beginning when seeing Claire  and then looking at the pictures of Bree. They thought he was too stoic and held his emotions too much. True he sobs like a baby in the book but that doesn’t mean he has to on screen. Personally, I thought there was plenty of emotion even if some was subdued.

Jamie feels the need now to tell Claire about a secret no one knows except a Lord John Grey. He has a bastard son named Willie. Well, this comes as a surprise to Claire and she wants to know if he loved his mother. Of course not but he still holds great guilt for her childbirth death. Claire tells him not to worry because she knew when she returned he’d have a different life than when she left. You don’t know the half of it, Claire. Now Jamie wants to know if Claire left Frank to come here. No, because he died a few years before. Yes, he still loved her and took her back and loved Bree, was a good father to her. He knew everything about Jamie, too but they never spoke about him because that would be too hard for Frank to take. Claire was only happy raising Bree with him. Oops! Jamie has forgotten an important business appointment and asks Claire to join him. Well, wild horses couldn’t keep her away.

Not: This part about Jamie telling Claire about Willie was another point of controversy. In the books Jamie never mentions Willie to Claire, in fact she finds out about him from Lord John Grey. The change was surprising but I wasn’t bothered by it. I assumed Jamie did it to start life with Claire on a clean slate. Get the illegitimate child out of the way. I’m sure the writers did this for a reason.

They leave the printshop and who do they see? It’s a grownup Fergus. He is over-the-moon to see Claire again. Where has she been? Claire simply tells him after Culloden she went to America which isn’t a lie just minus details.  Claire notices Fergus is lacking a left hand in it’s place is false hand that, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones looks similar to Jamie Lannister’s. Only his is gold. Fergus explains he proudly lost it fighting redcoats then tells Jamie he must speak to him about there friend Mr. Willowby, that he’s drunk and causing trouble. He wants to speak with him privately about a certain matter concerning Claire’s return. No, Jamie has yet to tell her about THAT. He wants to speak with Ned Gowan first. Ned Gowan is still alive!

So it’s time to head over to an inn called The World’s End to take care of the matter with Mr. Willowby and said business appointment. Jamie discovers his tipsy associate was going around licking a barmaid’s elbows. Claire is introduced to this little Chinese man as Claire Malcolm, his wife. Willowby looks a bit confused. Wife?  While Jamie takes care of business Claire and Willowby have a nice little chat.

After business is completed Jamie takes Claire to the brothel where he keeps a room. What? Madame Jeanne is happy to see Mr. Malcolm and is shocked to discover he has a wife. But not as shocked a Claire is to find out he lives in a brothel! As Jamie explains he has it because it’s a place to sleep and eat and nothing more. He’s not a customer of the brothel. In fact, Madame Jeanne is a good customer of his and out of the kindness of her heart keeps the room for him because sometimes he stay’s late at the shop. Men are so naive.

So up in his room Jamie wants to know why Claire came back. Was it to be his wife again or to tell him about Brianna then leave. Claire is shocked at his question. Of course she’s here to stay, all this time she thought he was dead. Well, he meant to die but didn’t and how did she find him anyway. Oh, with the help of a young historian who found some literature printed by an A. Malcolm. She saw the name and took a chance to come back. Claire wonders whether Jamie wants her to leave. No he doesn’t but he’s no longer the man he was in fact they are more strangers now then when they were first married. Does she still want him? YES!  and he wants her.

There’s no way to get to know one another again than a good meal. At dinner they do just that. They reminisce of the life they had before.

There’s only one thing one their minds and it has nothing to do with sitting at the table eating dinner. The time has come for them to anxiously  fulfill  that twenty year missing carnal need. Yes, lets get naked and do it! Claire feels shy standing naked in front of him but he tells he dings fast, she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen with or without clothes.


Let the sex play begin. It starts off a bit awkward, though. He’s so anxious he hits her on the nose and she thinks it’s broken. No, Jamie’s well acquainted with broken nose and assures her it isn’t. Here we go and Claire tells him not to be gentle and from her screams of passion over and over again, he isn’t!



After a long bout of sexual pleasure, Claire is glad it was like riding a bike which Jamie has no idea what she meant. Well, she explains it means they hadn’t forgotten what to do. The last place she ever thought he be living in was a brothel; he never thought he’d ever be happy in a woman’s bed again. Claire now wonders what Jamie does for a living. He’s not just a printer. Jamie rises from bed to sit at a table while Claire quizzes him on possible occupations which all of them he denies. He was a traitor when she left and he still is. Finally he tells her he’s a smuggler of whiskey, brandy, rum and French wines. That’s where Madame Jeanne comes in. She stores the goods for him and takes a few inventory in trade.

Time for more sex and afterward Claire finally notices the scar on his thigh. As Jamie tells her got it courtesy of the war. On to more sex and  then a bit of rest. In the morning Claire awakes to find Jamie watching her. This is something he could do forever. Claire has a question for Jamie: Did he ever fall in love with another woman after she left? Of course the answer is no. There could never be anyone for him but his Sassenach. Time for a round of morning sex. Has anybody noticed that when Jamie ravages Claire’s body those two broken fingers on his left hand seem to be all mended?



Claire wakes up again to find Jamie buckling his boots. Not to worry, he’s just got some business to attend to and remember, while in Edinburgh she’s Mrs. Malcolm not Fraser. She’s to stay here in the room until he gets back. How could she go anywhere when her legs are like Jell-O. Continual sex will do that.

After Jamie leaves, Claire gets up, puts a nightgown on and hears a knock on the door. It’s a young man looking for Mr. Malcolm. He introduces himself as Ian Murray. Murray? Why this is Jenny and Ian’s son. Claire introduces herself as his Aunt Claire, Jamie wife. Wife? Young Ian is shocked to meet a lady presumed dead all these years. Rumors were she was a faery that at the war left to go back to the faeries. Sixteen year old Ian wants to know if the rumors are true. Sorry, Claire tells him the rumors are totally false. She’s not a faery at all. She just went to America.  He’s confused too to meet his uncle’s wife of long ago here. Then who… He tells Claire that when she see’s his uncle again to tell him his nephew is looking for him. Will do.

A hungry Claire goes downstairs and  three of Madame Jeanne’s ladies-of-the-evening, Dorcas, Molly and Peggy invite her to have breakfast with them. I love what one of them says to her. “Oh, you must be the new girl. You’re a bit older, Madame likes her girls the age of five and twenty. But I guess you’ll do.”  When Madame Jeanne sees Claire dining with these three she get a little upset and wonders if breakfast was ever sent up to her room. It was but Claire is to embarrassed to tell Madame that Jamie and her were  too preoccupied at the time to accept it and had it taken away. No need for any to be sent up now she’s quite satisfied.

When Claire enters the room she is surprised to see a stranger scourging trying to find Jamie’s hidden papers. She tells the man to leave but he claims he doesn’t take orders from a whore. (This is the third time Claire has been mistaken for a whore!) He doesn’t believe Claire is Jamie’s wife either. Again she tells him to leave but this time he attacks her.

Until next time.

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Outlander is Back-episode 305

Outlander Season 3 2017

This mostly all in-the-future episode was just what we needed until the wonderful reunion between Claire and Jamie. Some may not think so but I do. As episode 304 spotlighted on Jamie’s struggles, this spotlight’s on Claire’s… And Bree’s and Roger’s. All are trying to cope. Claire struggles with her indecisions. Should she or shouldn’t she go back through the stones. Bree struggles with her classes. Hard to be the same person she was before Scotland. Roger struggles with his first Christmas without the Reverend.The joy of the holiday is just not the same. This was a terrific episode. Nice to see  Bree developing from an insensitive brat to a considerate, understanding, supportive daughter. And so is the start of a romance between her and Roger. It has a great ending perfect for piquing our interest and anticipation for the long awaited episode to come. Okay, onward with the recap.

Outlander-episode 305

Freedom and whiskey.

It’s Christmastime in Boston, 1968. Colorful lights, decorated trees, holly and mistletoe. For Claire it’s spending time in the O.R. playing doctor. She’s been concentrating more on  saving lives instead of chasing ghosts. Forceps, scissors, clamp, stitch, pack, close. Excellent. Thanks to Claire, another person will live to enjoy many more holiday seasons.

Outlander Season 3 2017

Briana however isn’t faring so well. She finds out she’s failing all her classes. She blames her lack of scholastic concentration because she’s not smart enough. Her professor know that’s a lot of BS or she wouldn’t have gotten into Harvard in the first place. He wants to know why. But there’s no way she’s going to tell him that her life is just not the same after returning home to Boston from Scotland because the father she’s known for twenty years and her professor’s good friend isn’t her real father. He’s some Highlander from 200 years in the past that her mother met when she time traveled back through the stones of Craig na Duh and how discouraged she feels from coming to a dead end after searching to find him because he didn’t die at the battle of Culloden like he was suppose to and she’s determined to find him. Not a valid excuse. Bree’s just got to try harder. She’s like, Whatever. She goes home and the emptiness draws her nostalgic. She smells Frank’s pipe, rubs his chair, and looks at  assorted pictures, one of them of him holding her when she was a baby. Bree grows sadder. Holidays are a bummer without him.

Claire and Joe are having a drink in their office. (As you know Claire likes to tipple and it seems she’s doing a lot of it in this episode). He’s very curious as to what happened on her trip to Scotland. “Lady Jane, you meet some man?” Well, sort of.” Claire explains there was a man from her past, as Scottish as they come, that she tried to find. When they parted it was because things didn’t work out. Fate had other ideas. Joe is very opinionated, “Fuck fate! Go find him.” Claire chuckles at the idea. She’s off the clock and leaves.

Bree decides she’s dropping out of Harvard. Plus she’s moving out.  Two unpopular decisions with her mother. They start arguing and their yelling is so loud they can hardly hear the doorbell. How dare there be an interruption to their yell-fest by a surprise visit from someone. Bree flings the door open, “What!”  It’s Roger. “Happy Christmas.”

Yes, the holidays are lonely in Scotland without the Reverend so he decides to visit Claire and Bree for a good old American Christmas. Plus, he’s got some good news for Claire. Although Bree’s happy to see it’s him at the door his presence is not enough to stop the argument. She’s determined to leave. “It’s my decision and besides I need a break.” True, finding out you’re the daughter of an 18th century  Highlander and a mother who can time-travel is a lot to process but did you have to chose the holidays to come to that realization? She hears a car honk and picks up her box of stuff  to catch her ride leaving Claire and Roger alone. WTF?  How embarrassing. Poor Claire. Poor Roger. He feels because of the awkward situation, he should find a motel room but Claire thinks that’s ridiculous. Stuck in a lonely motel room is no way to spend the holidays. He staying with her and that’s final. So after a nice dinner and reminiscing about the Reverend, Roger is ready to give Claire his fabulous news.

But first a glass of whiskey. Roger, being a historian, didn’t give up the search; he’s like a dog with a bone and he came across an item of great interest printed in 1765. It’s a newspaper article. In it are the words “Freedom and Whiskey gang together”, noticeable because it was a quote Claire used to say to Jamie, a quote not written until many, many years later. The same with a phrase taken from a Robert Burns poem that wasn’t written until 1786. Only someone with knowledge of the future could have written those words like say, someone whose wife is a time traveler?  And the printer’s name is Alexander Malcolm coincidentally, Jamie’s first two middle names. Proof that Jamie is alive working as a printer in Edinburgh. Claire can now go back through the stones to Jamie. Claire doesn’t take the news all that well though.  She’s frustrated. She could have lived the the rest of her life without hearing that. She’s worked hard to out the past behind and has accepted that her life is here, in the future  with her work, and with Bree  in such an emotional state she doesn’t feel it’s right to abandon her. Plus, the idea scares her. She’s afraid of unleashing feelings she’s locked away, of getting her hopes up too high only to have them trampled on by disappointment.  Claire’s gone through that once she can’t bear to go through that again. And all this time Roger thought the news would make her happy. They agree not to let Bree know.

Dem bones, dem bones. Joe’s got some bones. A female skeleton found in a cave in the Caribbean. But these aren’t bones of  a slave woman. This woman was white. When Claire picks up the skull she gets this feeling the woman was murdered which surprises Joe since the cause of death hadn’t yet been determined.When Joe takes a look at the neck bones it’s proof the woman was almost decapitated with a dull blade.  Look, there’s a strange twist to these bones later on in the story.  Joe wants some insight on this fellow from Claire’s past, the one she met while in Scotland. Yes, he’s Bree’s real father and she’s never stopped loving him. Joe goes on to tell Claire that everybody knew her marriage to Frank wasn’t perfect like Ozzie and Harriet and if she has a chance for real love than go for it. Bree will understand.

The next day Bree walks in and catches Roger watching a soap opera called Darkshadows, about the trials and tribulations of vampire Barnibas Collins. (I used to watch that show, too. Came on right before All My Children and Ryan’s Hope)! Whatever will his colleagues at Oxford think! Bree apologizes for her tyrant the night before. All is forgiven, because Roger knows mothers and daughters do occasionally squabble. Loudly. He came for an American Christmas of lobster rolls and Boston cream pie. I could listen all day to the way he purrs Boston cream pie! Bree is more than happy to oblige. There’s an event happening later at the university, a celebration in honor of Bree’s father Frank. They can go and she can show Roger the impressive Howard Hall. Okay, Roger is all for that. Beats watching any more soap operas.


Claire looks so bored. This event honoring Frank receiving a Fellowship  named after him becomes more tedious while people want to up to lavish praise about him. Blah, blah, blah. While Claire and one of Frank’s professor buddies are in conversation, a woman walks past. She is stopped and introduced to Claire. Well she didn’t need any introduction because the woman is Sandy Travers, Frank’s mistress and former student. Excuse me but isn’t it a bit unethical for a professor to have an affair with one of his student? What was Frank thinking?  Anyway, This Sandy woman blames Claire for Frank remaining in his marriage all those years while involved with her. “You should have let him go. You kept him because you’re selfish. He was the love of my life and for ten years I had to share him with you. What I wouldn’t give for one more day with him.”  I admire Claire for remaining cool and not creating a scene by tossing her wine in the bitch’s face. Claire retains her classy demure while inside she’s probably screaming. “I don’t know what Frank told you, you tramp, but I gave him the chance for a divorce years ago. It was his decision to stay in the marriage! Sure, it was primarily for Bree but we still felt a little love for the other. Guess you weren’t worth the effort, you trollop, for him to gain his freedom and divorce me. Ten whole years and he never would? Doesn’t that tell you something, Bitch! So you have no right to blame me for shit. Good day!”

From a distance Bree notices the two in a not-so-friendly conversation. After Claire and Bree left the reception, Bree mentions she recognized the woman, that she remembers seeing her in a bookstore with Frank. He had looked at her that woman the way he used to look at her so she wants to know why. She reminds Claire that in Scotland they promised to tell each other the truth and she want to know it. How can Claire tell her her father was no saint that he was a cheater and that woman was his mistress. All these years he was been having an affair with that harlot.  She simply says,”He was in love with her and planned to marry her after we divorced.” Bree becomes sad and assumes Frank must have hated her because she was a constant reminder of Jamie. Claire assures her that was not so that she was the most important thing in his life. Then Bree assumes also that Claire must have resented her for taking her away from Jamie. Again not so. Claire tells Bree that she’s loved her from the very first time at the hospital when she held her in her arms and not because of the man who fathered her but for her and her alone. Claire show Bree the papers Roger had given her.  Bree is excited. “That’s Jamie, that’s my dad! You can go to him. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Bree’s encouragement gives Claire much to consider.

Doctors and nurses are crowded around a television watching a broadcast of Apollo 8. Joe is at awe. “How can you make a trip like that and come back to the world as if you know it?” Claire is amused because she’s made a trip similar to that and gone farther. Twice. But can she do it a third? Another drink and more considering.

Later that day Claire and Bree are together on the couch. Claire explains that if she went back through the stones she’ll worry what will happen to Bree. Bree assures for the second time that she’ll be fine. “But I’ll never get to see you again, or see you marry, or walk you down the isle, or hold my first grandchild.” All valid points but Bree insists she must give Jamie back to her. “I’ve wondered which father I favor most and it’s neither. It’s you. And I hope I’m half the woman you are.” Claire has more worries, “What if he’s forgotten me, what if he doesn’t love me anymore?” Bree reminds her how silly that statement sounded. “You once told me your love was the strongest feeling you’ve ever felt.  Now, go get my dad.”

Claire want’s to asks Joe a question. She want’s a male point of view. They go into their office and she asks “Am I attractive?” Poor Joe is taken back. He thinks it’s a trick question. “Is this about your man, Lady Jane?”

Claire then admits she has decided to give give it a go with that man from her past and wonders if she’s change much in twenty years. Joe answers,”You’re a skinny white broad with too much hair and a nice ass.” Good line. Claire is relieved.

Time for present giving. Claire, Bree, and Roger are sitting under the tree recieving gifts. Among the gifts to Claire is a wooden box of old coins Bree and Roger found in an antique store. Bree jokes she wanted to get her a flashlight but as Roger pointed out Claire might have been involved in another witch trial. Roger gives Claire a book of Scottish history which Claire admits would have been very helpful the first time. One last gift from Bree. It’s a necklace with her birthstone, a topaz. She’ll need it when she goes through the stones because according to Gellis’s diary, you need one. Claire agree’s. The first time she lost a jeweled watch and the second that stone from Jamie’s father’s ring.  Bree wonders how Claire is going to carry all her booty and what she’s going to wear. She’ll have to make her own dress which surprises Bree because she didn’t even know her mother could sew. Well after 15 years of making Halloween costumes and pageant dresses (Bree was a Toddler and Tiaras?) she should know her way around a sewing machine. Roger tells her she should make a utility belt like the caped crusader has. as well. Bree balked him for watching too much television.

So Claire goes into Project Runway mode with the Batman theme song playing in the background and after a few hours of measuring and cutting and sewing and snipping she comes up with the finished product. And it looks like a winner. Very impressive!

Bree and Roger are at awe of the creation. Claire shows them the hidden pocks she’s included so she can carry stuff like what she borrowed from the hospital: Penicillin, syringes, scalpels, and the like that will be of better use in 18 century Scotland than in 20th century Boston.

Now that the dress is made it’s time to worry about herself. That gray hair really needs to go and with help from Miss Clairol is does. Bree and Roger notice the change while Claire is packing the next day. Roger thinks it looks very natural. Claire borrows one of Bree’s blouses which Bree admits will look perfect. Roger excuses himself to go get one last item. Bree is upset because Claire won’t let her go to Scotland. But this is the way Claire want it or else she might not leave. First time she went through she was terrified, second she was brokenhearted, this time she wants it to be peaceful. Bree admires her mother’s strength.  Claire is ready now but not without giving Bree her resignation letter to give to Joe Abernathy, the deed to the house and the Scottish pearls, the belonged to her grandmother, Ellen and that Jamie had given her on their wedding night and she can wear them on her’s. Roger returns and it’s time for a farewell drink, a toast to Freedom and Whiskey. Time for hugs, final goodbyes and a thank you to Roger for being a dog with a bone or else she’d never have had the chance.

Bree and Roger watch as Claire gets in the taxi and drives away. Reality hits her. She’ll never see her mother again. Tears start to fall but Roger is there to comfort her. Like Claire told her, he’s a good one. Bree walks into the kitchen puts on a Santa hat and returns with a Tray of lobster rolls and Boston cream pie. Time for Roger’s American Christmas. They might start a new tradition of watching a Charlie Brown Christmas which Roger has no idea what that is. He has one last present for her. It’s a copy of Dicken’s A Christmas Tale. Claire told him she and Frank used to read it to her every year. This thoughtfulness results in a kiss and they curl up on the couch and now it’s her turn to read it to him. Just the thing to brighten any Christmas.


The taxi stops and Claire prepares to step out. She starts talking of puddles and as a child she always thought it wasn’t just a bunch o collected water but if you stepped in it you’f fall down into another dimension. Well she must have because the next time we see her she’s stepping into a puddle of water on the cobbled streets of 1766 Edinburgh. She fit’s right in with her classy new duds.

Claire see’s a young baker’s son and enquires about a printer, an A. Malcolm. Sure, just around the corner. She manages to find the shop and how could she miss it, the sign is really an eye-catcher.

Claire slowly walks up the stairs and opens the door; the bell jingles. Her heart beats faster when she hears Jamie’s voice “Geordie, is that you?” It’s the first time she’s heard his voice in twenty years. She steadies herself and walks farther to peer below at the press and the man in front of it. “No, it’s not Geordie, it’s me, Claire.” Poor Jamie cannot believe his ears. He turns slowly and gets a good look at her.

He’s so terrified he tumbles onto the floor.

Not exactly the welcome Claire was expecting.

So there you have it. Such a wonderful episode. I’m going to find it difficult to wait until the 22nd to see Jamie and Claire’s reunion… and other things.

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